Revision history for Perl extension Rcs::Parser.

0.07  2014/02/22

	Including the Artistic 2.0 license as LICENSE
	Updating meta: perl base, provdies, resources and correct license

0.06  2014/02/21

	Corrected sorting error in all_versions() (RT #92644)
	Corrected all_versions() caching to $self instead of our (RT #92643)
	 - Thanks to Slaven Rezic for reporting both of the above

	Updated all tests to use Test::Simple
	Added a unit test for all_versions()
	Updated META.yaml and Makefile.PL with dependencies
	Corrected version info throuought documentation and code

0.03  2008/10/23

	Corrected documentation to match module name.
	Separated parsing of the RCS data from reading the file.
	Added the ability to parse an RCS file from a scalar variable.

0.02  2004/04/02

	Properly blessing into the class name.
	Full copyright and license information.	

0.01  2003/09/23

	Conversion to the more correctly named Rcs::Parser for CPAN.

0.00  2002/03/25 - 2003/09/23

	Originally for use as the engine for analyzing code usage
	 in the "CVS Utilities" package being developed at: