Revision history for Perl extension Acme::Umlautify.

1.07  2014/03/16

	Moving to UTF (as opposed to Latin-1) thanks to an emailed suggestion
		by Jeremy Mates <> - this literally allows the
		addition of umlatus to everything, including spaces.

	Almost concurrently, Nick Wellnhofer <> opened 
		RT #93530 which suggested a UTF solution to the lack of
		umlauts for Latin lower-case y.

	Added a terminology section to the documentation.

1.06  2014/03/03

	Updated POD and README text
	Exporting 'umlautify' by default. Just because.

1.06  2014/03/03

	Corrected a POD error: Now declaring encoding as Latin-1.
	Added a basic POD test

1.05  2014/02/28

	Corrected Makefile.PL improperly calling for a minimum perl version

1.04  2014/02/27
	Now auto-generating META.json and META.yml
	Corrected in-module version tagging

1.03  2014/02/25

	Corrected miscapitalization of 'ACME' in module meta data
	Updated to new build script with auto-generated meta data

1.02  2014/02/25

	Updating meta information
	Added LICENSE information into the distribution
1.01  2004/04/07

	Corrected spelling errors in the documentation
	Changed "NÄMË" to "NAME" for CPAN to parse the module description.

1.00  2004/04/07

	Developed due to input from Kristy Davis and Chip Salzenburg