Revision history for Perl extension Acme::Umlautify.

1.05  2014/02/27

    Makefile.PL improperly called for the prerequisite Perl version.

1.04  2014/02/27
	Now auto-generating META.json and META.yml
	Corrected in-module version tagging

1.03  2014/02/25

	Corrected miscapitalization of 'ACME' in module meta data
	Updated to new build script with auto-generated meta data

1.02  2014/02/25

	Updating meta information
	Added LICENSE information into the distribution
1.01  2004/04/07

	Corrected spelling errors in the documentation
	Changed "NÄMË" to "NAME" for CPAN to parse the module description.

1.00  2004/04/07

	Developed due to input from Kristy Davis and Chip Salzenburg