Revision history for Perl extension ACME::KeyboardMarathon.

1.20  2014/03/21

	Added \r with a score of 0. Since in unix return is \n and in 
          windows it is \n and \r combined, the \n score is sufficent.

	Moved to interger only math to improve speed.

1.19  2014/03/19

	Converted to Math::BigInt for cross-system compatibility
	Only returning the integer CM distance
	Using a 2.5-cm distance on unknown letters now trying to ignore binary files
	Updated to Test::Simple for tests

1.18  2014/03/11

	Added a POD test
	Automatically building meta data

1.17  2014/02/25

	Correcting "ACME" to "Acme"

1.16  2014/02/25

	Updated meta information
	Added LICENSE file to distribution

1.14  2014/02/19

	POD corrections from Mark A. Smith. (

1.13  2012/04/11

	Initial module creation.

1.07  2012/04/09

	Corrected a quoting mistake.
	Corrected values on tests due to quoting mistake.
	Now warning, instead of exiting on bad chars.
	Using Carp.
	Removed an unused var.
	Corrected spelling and format mistakes in the POD.
	Added info on to the POD.
	Added RCS data.
	Added warnings.
	And several other cleanups from Perl::Critic