date - display date and time


        # show the local date in the default format
        % date

        # show the UTC date in the default format
        % date -u

        # display version, help
        % date -v
        % date -h

        # show the local date in the specified format
        % date +FORMAT

        # show the GMT date in the specified format
        % date -u +FORMAT

        # show local date in ISO 8601 format
        % date -I

        # show local date in RFC 2822 format
        % date -R




    Specify the date format

  • -h

    Show the help message and exit

  • -I

    Use the ISO 8601 date format: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%:z

  • -R

    Use RFC 2822 format: %a, %d %b %Y %T %z

  • -u

    Use UTC time instead of local time

  • -v

    Show the version and exit


  • %% - The character %

  • %a - Three-letter weekday name

  • %A - Full weekday name

  • %b - Three-letter month name

  • %B - Full month name

  • %c - locale version of the date-time string

  • %C - Century (00-99)

  • %d - Day of month (padded w/ zero)

  • %D - Date in MM/DD/YY format

  • %e - Day of month (padded w/ space)

  • %F - %Y-%m-%d

  • %g - ISO 8601 year

  • %G - ISO 8601 year

  • %h - Three-letter month name

  • %H - Hour HH

  • %I - Hour HH (12 hour)

  • %j - Three-digit Julian day

  • %k - Hour - space padded

  • %l - Hour - space padded (12 hour)

  • %m - Month number 01-12

  • %M - Minute MM

  • %n - Newline

  • %p - AM or PM

  • %P - like %p, but lowercase

  • %r - Time in HH(12 hour):MM:SS (AM|PM) format

  • %R - Time in HH:MM format

  • %s - Absolute seconds (since epoch)

  • %S - Seconds SS

  • %t - Tab

  • %T - Time in HH:MM:SS format.

  • %u - Day of week, 1=Monday, 7=Sunday.

  • %U - Two digit week number, starting on Sunday.

  • %V - ISO week number, with Monday as the first day of week

  • %w - Day of week, 0=Sunday, 6=Saturday.

  • %W - Two digit week number, start Monday.

  • %x - locale's date representation

  • %X - locale's time representation

  • %y - Two-digit year.

  • %Y - Four-digit year.

  • %z - Time zone offset in [+-]HHMM.

  • %:z - Time zone offset in [+-]HH:MM.

  • %Z - Time zone abbrevation, such as UTC or EST.

    Note: Windows does not use the POSIX time stuff, so we try to fake it. If you don't get what you expect for the time zone abbreviation please open an issue: If you look in the date file, you'll see a simple text list at the end that we use for Windows.

__DATA__ Afghanistan Standard Time,Asia/Kabul,+0430 Alaskan Daylight Time,America/Anchorage,-0900,AKDT Alaskan Standard Time,America/Anchorage,-0800,AKST Aleutian Daylight Time,America/Adak,-0900,HDT Aleutian Standard Time,America/Adak,-1000,HST Altai Standard Time,Asia/Barnaul,+0700 Arab Standard Time,Asia/Riyadh,+0300 Arabian Standard Time,Asia/Riyadh,+0300 Arabic Standard Time,Asia/Baghdad,+0300 Argentina Standard Time,America/Argentina/Cordoba,-0300 Astrakhan Standard Time,Europe/Astrakhan,+0400 Atlantic Daylight Time,America/Halifax,ADT Atlantic Standard Time,America/Halifax,AST AUS Central Standard Time,Australia/Adelaide,ACST Aus Central W. Standard Time,Australia/Eucla,+0845 AUS Eastern Standard Time,Australia/Sydney,AEST Azerbaijan Standard Time,Asia/Baku,+0400 Azores Daylight Time,Atlantic/Azores,+0000 Azores Standard Time,Atlantic/Azores,-0100 Bahia Standard Time,America/Bahia,-0300 Bangladesh Standard Time,Asia/Dhaka,+0600 Belarus Standard Time,Europe/Minsk,+0300 Bougainville Standard Time,Pacific/Bougainville,+1100 Cabo Verde Standard Time,Atlantic/Cape_Verde,-0100 Canada Central Standard Time,America/Regina,CST Cape Verde Standard Time,Atlantic/Cape_Verde,-0100 Caucasus Standard Time,Asia/Tbilisi,+0400 Cen. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Adelaide,ACST Central America Standard Time,America/Belize,CST Central Asia Standard Time,Asia/Almaty,+0600 Central Brazilian Standard Time,America/Cuiaba,-0400 Central Daylight Time (Mexico),America/Mexico_City,CDT Central Daylight Time,America/Chicago,CDT Central Europe Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST Central Europe Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET Central European Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST Central European Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET Central Pacific Standard Time,Pacific/Guadalcanal,+1100 Central Standard Time (Mexico),America/Mexico_City,CST Central Standard Time,America/Chicago,CST Chatham Islands Standard Time,Pacific/Chatham,+1245 China Standard Time,Asia/Shanghai,CST Cuba Daylight Time,America/Havana,CDT Cuba Standard Time,America/Havana,CST Dateline Standard Time,, E. Africa Standard Time,Africa/Nairobi,EAT E. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Sydney,AEST E. Europe Daylight Time,Europe/Bucharest,EEST E. Europe Standard Time,Europe/Bucharest,EET E. South America Standard Time,America/Argentina/Cordoba,-0300 Easter Island Standard Time,Pacific/Easter,-0600 Eastern Daylight Time,America/New_York,EDT Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST Egypt Standard Time,Africa/Cairo,EET Ekaterinburg Standard Time,Asia/Yekaterinburg,+0500 Fiji Standard Time,Pacific/Fiji,+1200 FLE Daylight Time,Europe/Helsinki,EEST FLE Standard Time,Europe/Helsinki,EET Further-Eastern European Time,Europe/Minsk,+0300 Georgian Standard Time,Asia/Tbilisi,+0400 !!! Olsen: no dst! GMT Daylight Time,Greenwich,UTC GMT Standard Time,Greenwich,UTC Greenland Daylight Time,America/Nuuk,-0200 Greenland Standard Time,America/Nuuk,-0300 Greenwich Standard Time,Greenwich,UTC GTB Daylight Time,Europe/Athens,EEST GTB Standard Time,Europe/Athens,EET Haiti Daylight Time,America/Port-au-Prince,EDT Haiti Standard Time,America/Port-au-Prince,EST Hawaiian Standard Time,Pacific/Honolulu,HST India Standard Time,Asia/Kolkata,IST Iran Daylight Time,Asia/Tehran,+0430 Iran Standard Time,Asia/Tehran,+0330 Israel Standard Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IST Jerusalem Daylight Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IDT Jerusalem Standard Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IST Jordan Daylight Time,Asia/Amman,EEST Jordan Standard Time,Asia/Amman,EET Kaliningrad Standard Time,Europe/Kaliningrad,EET Korea Standard Time,Asia/Seoul,KST Libya Standard Time,Africa/Tripoli,EET Line Islands Standard Time,Pacific/Kiritimati,+1400 Lord Howe Standard Time,Australia/Lord_Howe,+1030 Magadan Standard Time,Asia/Magadan,+1100 Magallanes Standard Time,America/Punta_Arenas,-0300 Malay Peninsula Standard Time,Asia/Kuala_Lumpur,MYT Marquesas Standard Time,Pacific/Marquesas,-0930 Mauritius Standard Time,Indian/Mauritius,+0400 Mexico Standard Time 2,, Mexico Standard Time,, Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,, Middle East Daylight Time,Asia/Beirut,EEST Middle East Standard Time,Asia/Beirut,EET Montevideo Standard Time,America/Montevideo,-0300 Morocco Daylight Time,Africa/Casablanca,+0100 Morocco Standard Time,Africa/Casablanca,+0100 Mountain Daylight Time (Mexico),America/Chihuahua,MDT Mountain Daylight Time,America/Denver,MDT Mountain Standard Time (Mexico),America/Chihuahua,MST Mountain Standard Time,America/Denver,MST Myanmar Standard Time,Asia/Yangon,+0630 N. Central Asia Standard Time,Asia/Novosibirsk,+0700 Namibia Standard Time,Africa/Windhoek,CAT Nepal Standard Time,Asia/Kathmandu,+0545 New Zealand Standard Time,Pacific/Auckland,NZST Newfoundland and Labrador Standard Time,America/St_Johns,NST Newfoundland Daylight Time,America/St_Johns,NDT Newfoundland Standard Time,America/St_Johns,NST Norfolk Standard Time,Pacific/Norfolk,+1100 North Asia East Standard Time,Asia/Irkutsk,+0800 North Asia Standard Time,Asia/Krasnoyarsk,+0700 North Korea Standard Time,Asia/Pyongyang,KST Novosibirsk Standard Time,Asia/Novosibirsk,+0700 Omsk Standard Time,Asia/Omsk,+0600 Pacific Daylight Time,America/Los_Angeles,PDT Pacific SA Standard Time,America/Lima,-0500 Pacific Standard Time (Mexico),America/Tijuana,PST Pacific Standard Time,America/Los_Angeles,PST Pakistan Standard Time,Asia/Karachi,PKT Paraguay Standard Time,America/Asuncion,-0400 Qyzylorda Standard Time,Asia/Qyzylorda,+0500 Romance Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST Romance Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET Russia TZ 1 Standard Time,Europe/Kaliningrad,EET,USZ1 Russia TZ 2 Standard Time,Europe/Moscow,MSK Russia TZ 3 Standard Time,Europe/Samara,+0400,SAMT Russia TZ 4 Standard Time,Asia/Yekaterinburg,+0500,YEKT Russia TZ 5 Standard Time,Asia/Omsk,OMST Russia TZ 6 Standard Time,Asia/Krasnoyarsk,+0700,KRAT Russia TZ 7 Standard Time,Asia/Irkutsk,+0800,IRKT Russia TZ 8 Standard Time,Asia/Yakutsk,+0900,YAKT Russia TZ 9 Standard Time,Asia/Vladivostok,+1000,VLAT Russia TZ 10 Standard Time,Asia/Srednekolymsk,+1100,MAGT Russia TZ 11 Standard Time,Asia/Anadyr,+1200,PETT Russian Standard Time,Europe/Moscow,MSK SA Eastern Standard Time,America/Cayenne,-0300 SA Pacific Standard Time,America/Lima,-0500 SA Western Standard Time,America/La_Paz,-0400 Saint Pierre Daylight Time,America/Miquelon,-0200 Saint Pierre Standard Time,America/Miquelon,-0300 Sakhalin Standard Time,Asia/Sakhalin,+1100 Samoa Standard Time,Pacific/Apia,+1300 Sao Tome Standard Time,Africa/Sao_Tome,GMT Saratov Standard Time,Europe/Saratov,+0400 SE Asia Standard Time,Asia/Jakarta,WIB Singapore Standard Time,Asia/Singapore,+0800 South Africa Standard Time,Africa/Johannesburg,SAST South Sudan Standard Time,Africa/Juba,EAT Sri Lanka Standard Time,Asia/Colombo,+0530 Sudan Standard Time,Africa/Khartoum,CAT Syria Daylight Time,Asia/Damascus,EEST Syria Standard Time,Asia/Damascus,EET Taipei Standard Time,Asia/Taipei,CST Tasmania Standard Time,Australia/Hobart,AEST Tocantins Standard Time,America/Araguaina,-0300 Tokyo Standard Time,Asia/Tokyo,JST Tomsk Standard Time,Asia/Tomsk,+0700 Tonga Standard Time,Pacific/Tongatapu,+1300 Transbaikal Standard Time,Asia/Chita,+0900 Turkey Standard Time,Europe/Istanbul,+0300 Turks and Caicos Daylight Time,America/Grand_Turk,EDT Turks And Caicos Standard Time,America/Grand_Turk,EST U.S. Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST Ulaanbaatar Standard Time,Asia/Ulaanbaatar,+0800 US Eastern Daylight Time,America/New_York,EDT US Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST US Mountain Standard Time,America/Denver,MST Venezuela Standard Time,America/Caracas,-0400 Vladivostok Standard Time,Asia/Vladivostok,+1000 Volgograd Standard Time,Europe/Volgograd,+0300 W. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Perth,AWST W. Central Africa Standard Time,, W. Europe Daylight Time,Europe/London,BST W. Europe Standard Time,Europe/London,GMT W. Mongolia Standard Time,Asia/Ulaanbaatar,+0800 West Asia Standard Time,Asia/Tashkent,+0500 West Bank Standard Time,Asia/Hebron,EET West Pacific Standard Time,Pacific/Port_Moresby,+1000 Yakutsk Standard Time,Asia/Yakutsk,+0900 Yukon Standard Time,America/Whitehorse,MST