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Name: env
Description: run a program in a modified environment
Author: Matthew Bafford, dragons@scescape.net
License: perl

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# Perl version of the env command.
# Matthew Bafford
# 2/28/1999

use strict;

while ( @ARGV && $ARGV[0] =~ /^-/ ) {
	my $arg = shift;

	if ( $arg eq '-i' ) {
		delete $ENV{$_} for keys %ENV;
	} elsif ( $arg =~ /^-u(.*)/ ) {
		delete $ENV{ length($1) ? $1 : shift };
	} else {
		print "$0: invalid option -- $arg\n";
		exit 2;

while ( @ARGV && $ARGV[0] =~ /=/ ) {
	my ( $name, $value ) = split /=/, shift, 2;

	$ENV{$name} = $value;

if ( !@ARGV ) {
	for ( keys %ENV ) {
		print "$_=$ENV{$_}\n";
	exit 0;

exec(shift, @ARGV) or exit 127;



=head1 NAME

env - Run a program in a modified environment


env [B<-i>] [B<-u> name]... [name=value]... [command [args]...]


I<env> runs a command with the environment modified as specified
by the command line.  If no command is specified, I<env> prints
out the modified environment.

=head2 OPTIONS

I<env> accepts the following options:

=over 4

=item B<-i>

Clears the environment, passing only the values specifed to the command.

=item B<-u> I<name>

Clears the environment variable I<name> if it exists.



The working of I<env> is not influenced by any environment variables.


If the command is invoked, the exit status of I<env> will be the exit
status of the command.  Otherwise, I<env> will return one of the following

    0          env completed successfully.
    1-125      An error occured in env.
    127        There was an error running the command specified.

=head1 BUGS

I<env> has no known bugs.

=head1 AUTHOR

This Perl version of I<env> was written by
Matthew Bafford, I<dragons@scescape.net>.


This program is copyright (c) Matthew Bafford 1999.

This program is free and open software.  You may use, modify, distribute,
and sell this program (and any modified variants) in any way you wish,
provided you do not restrict others from doing the same.