use strict;
use subs qw(core_time);

=begin metadata

Name: date
Description: display or set date and time
Author: brian d foy, brian.d.foy@gmail.com
Author: Joshua Gross
License: artistic2

=end metadata


use POSIX;

my $VERSION = '1.0.4';

# set this if we do anything to select a timezone abbreviation, then
# prefer this if it is defined.
my $TZ;

run(\@ARGV) unless caller();

sub get_formats {
		"--rfc-3339" => '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S%z',  # iso-8601 without T
		"--rfc-5322" => '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S %z',
		"-I"         => '%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%:z', # iso-8601
		"-R"         => '%a, %d %b %Y %T %z',   # rfc-2822
		"default"    => '%a %b %e %T %Z %Y',

sub munge_tz {
	return $TZ if defined $TZ; # something else we did set this, so use it
	my $from_posix = posix_tz();
	return $from_posix if $from_posix =~ m/\A[A-Z]{3,4}\z/;
	my $from_windows = windows_time_zones();
	# print "# from POSIX: $from_posix\n";
	my $i_dst = (core_time())[-1] ? -1 : 0; # some only have one entry, so two would be the same

	return $from_windows->{$from_posix}[$i_dst] if exists $from_windows->{$from_posix};

sub posix_tz { POSIX::strftime( '%Z', core_time() ) }

sub quarter {
    my $mon = ( core_time() )[4] + 1;

       if( $mon <= 3 ) { 1 }
    elsif( $mon <= 6 ) { 2 }
    elsif( $mon <= 9 ) { 3 }
    else               { 4 }

sub run {
	my( $args, $time ) = @_;
	$time = defined $time ? $time : time;
	*core_time = do {
		my @times = CORE::localtime;
		sub { @times }

	   if( grep { $_ eq '-h' } @$args ) { usage(0) }
	elsif( grep { $_ eq '-v' } @$args ) { print "$0 $VERSION\n"; exit 0; }

	my $formats = get_formats();
	my %allowed = map { ("-$_" => 1) } split( //, 'u' );
	@allowed{ keys %$formats } = (1) x (keys %$formats);

	foreach (@$args) {
		if( /^-/ and ! exists $allowed{$_} ) {
			print STDERR "Unrecognized option $_\n";

		   if( /^\-u/ ) { $TZ = $ENV{'TZ'} = 'UTC'; my @times = CORE::gmtime; *core_time = sub { @times } }

	my $format;
	$format = select_format( @$args );

	my $specifiers = setup_specifiers();

	$format =~ s/%(:?.)/ exists $specifiers->{$1} ? $specifiers->{$1} : "%$1" /eg;
	print "$format\n";

sub select_format {
	my( $supplied ) = grep { /\A\+/ } @_;
	return $1 if $supplied =~ /\A\+(.+)/;

	my $formats = get_formats();

		map { $formats->{$_} || () }
		grep { exists $formats->{$_} }
		( @ARGV, 'default' )

sub setup_specifiers {
	my %specifiers = (
		'e'  => sprintf( '% 2d', (core_time)[3] ),
		'P'  => lc( ( core_time() )[2] >= 12 ? "PM" : "AM" ),
		'q'  => quarter(),
		'T'  => sprintf( '%02d:%02d:%02d', (core_time)[2,1,0] ),
		'z'  => tz_offset(),
		':z' => do { ( my $z = tz_offset() ) =~ s/(\d\d)/$1:/; $z },
		'Z'  => munge_tz(),

	# We cheat by letting POSIX figure these out because it can handle the
	# locale. If we later find out that some system doesn't handle one of these,
	# we'll define our own. But, only add a POSIX cheat if we haven't already
	# defined that format.
	my @POSIX = qw(
		a A b B c C d D F g G h H I j k l m M
		n p r R s S t u U V w W x X y Y
	@specifiers{ @POSIX } =
		map { POSIX::strftime( "%$_", core_time() ) }
		grep { ! exists $specifiers{$_} }


sub tz_offset {
	# https://stackoverflow.com/a/6428732/2766176
    my @l = CORE::localtime;
    my @g = CORE::gmtime;

    my $minutes = (
    	$l[2] - $g[2] +
    	( # is this the same year or day? No? Add or subtract 24 hours
    		(($l[5]<<9)|$l[7]) <=> (($g[5]<<9)|$g[7])) * 24
    	) * 60
    	+ $l[1] - $g[1];

	my $sign = $minutes < 0 ? '-' : "+";
	$minutes = abs($minutes);

    sprintf "%s%02d%02d", $sign, int($minutes / 60), $minutes % 60;

sub usage {
	my $exit_code = defined $_[0] ? $_[0] : 0;

	my $output = <<"HEADER";
usage: $0 [-fhIRuv] [+format]


	open my $fh, '<:encoding(UTF-8)', __FILE__;
	while( <$fh> ) {
		next unless s/\A=item \s+ \* \s+(?=%)//x;
		$output .= "\t$_";

	print "$output\n";
	exit( $exit_code );

sub windows_time_zones {
	my %hash;

	open my $fh, '<:encoding(UTF-8)', __FILE__;
	while( <$fh> ) {
		next unless /\A__(?:END|DATA)__/;

	while( <$fh> ) {
		next unless /\S/;
		my( $windows_name, $tz, @names ) = split /\s*,\s*/;
		@names = sort @names; # capital letters sort before + - digits!
		$hash{$windows_name} = \@names;

	close $fh;

	return \%hash;

=encoding utf8

=head1 NAME

date - display date and time


	# show the local date in the default format
	% date

	# show the UTC date in the default format
	% date -u

	# display version, help
	% date -v
	% date -h

	# show the local date in the specified format
	% date +FORMAT

	# show the GMT date in the specified format
	% date -u +FORMAT

	# show local date in ISO 8601 format
	% date -I

	# show local date in RFC 2822 format
	% date -R


=head2 Options

=over 4

=item * +FORMAT

Specify the date format

=item * -h

Show the help message and exit

=item * -I

Use the ISO 8601 date format: C<%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%:z>

=item * -R

Use RFC 2822 format: C<%a, %d %b %Y %T %z>

=item * -u

Use UTC time instead of local time

=item * -v

Show the version and exit


=head2 Formats

=over 4

=item * %%  - The character %

=item * %a  - Three-letter weekday name

=item * %A  - Full weekday name

=item * %b  - Three-letter month name

=item * %B  - Full month name

=item * %c  - locale version of the date-time string

=item * %C  - Century (00-99)

=item * %d  - Day of month (padded w/ zero)

=item * %D  - Date in MM/DD/YY format

=item * %e  - Day of month (padded w/ space)

=item * %F  - %Y-%m-%d

=item * %g  - ISO 8601 year

=item * %G  - ISO 8601 year

=item * %h  - Three-letter month name

=item * %H  - Hour HH

=item * %I  - Hour HH (12 hour)

=item * %j  - Three-digit Julian day

=item * %k  - Hour - space padded

=item * %l  - Hour - space padded (12 hour)

=item * %m  - Month number 01-12

=item * %M  - Minute MM

=item * %n  - Newline

=item * %p  - AM or PM

=item * %P  - like %p, but lowercase

=item * %r  - Time in HH(12 hour):MM:SS (AM|PM) format

=item * %R  - Time in HH:MM format

=item * %s  - Absolute seconds (since epoch)

=item * %S  - Seconds SS

=item * %t  - Tab

=item * %T  - Time in HH:MM:SS format.

=item * %u  - Day of week, 1=Monday, 7=Sunday.

=item * %U  - Two digit week number, starting on Sunday.

=item * %V  - ISO week number, with Monday as the first day of week

=item * %w  - Day of week, 0=Sunday, 6=Saturday.

=item * %W  - Two digit week number, start Monday.

=item * %x  - locale's date representation

=item * %X  - locale's time representation

=item * %y  - Two-digit year.

=item * %Y  - Four-digit year.

=item * %z  - Time zone offset in [+-]HHMM.

=item * %:z - Time zone offset in [+-]HH:MM.

=item * %Z  - Time zone abbrevation, such as UTC or EST.

Note: Windows does not use the POSIX time stuff, so we try to fake it.
If you don't get what you expect for the time zone abbreviation
please open an issue: L<https://github.com/briandfoy/PerlPowerTools/issues>.
If you look in the C<date> file, you'll see a simple text list at the end
that we use for Windows.



# If any of these are wrong, just send the patch or raise an issue

=begin comment

Windows is a bit of a pain here. We want to support %Z, but Windows
doesn't track the time zone abbreviations. You get the full name,
such as "Alaskan Standard Time". So, I want a way to convert that.

These data are ad hoc, and guessing sometimes.

First, I got a list of all the Windows timezone names with `tzutil /l`.
However, those are just the names you can use with `/s` rather than
all of the names windows will report. For example, you can set
"Alaskan Standard Time" but not "Alaskan Daylight Time", although
Windows, through the POSIX module, will report "Alaskan Daylight Time"
when appropriate.

I get all those names by setting every Windows time zone, then checking
what POSIX's %Z returns. Note that you need to do this in a separate
process because most of the time tools only respect the first setting
of the time zone.

Second, I want to get time zone abbreviations. This is a bit tricky because
the same offset can have many different abbreviations. By hand, I
associated the Olson name, such as America/Anchorage, with the Windows
name. Once I have all of those, I can use DateTime::TimeZone to get the
Olson abbreviations. In some cases, I added additional time zone names.

Note that some of the abbreviations may be unexpected or unwanted. For
example, in the Russian Time Zones, they have special names, but you
may want MSK+n. You can edit this file to put whatever you like.

=end comment

Afghanistan Standard Time,Asia/Kabul,+0430
Alaskan Daylight Time,America/Anchorage,-0900,AKDT
Alaskan Standard Time,America/Anchorage,-0800,AKST
Aleutian Daylight Time,America/Adak,-0900,HDT
Aleutian Standard Time,America/Adak,-1000,HST
Altai Standard Time,Asia/Barnaul,+0700
Arab Standard Time,Asia/Riyadh,+0300
Arabian Standard Time,Asia/Riyadh,+0300
Arabic Standard Time,Asia/Baghdad,+0300
Argentina Standard Time,America/Argentina/Cordoba,-0300
Astrakhan Standard Time,Europe/Astrakhan,+0400
Atlantic Daylight Time,America/Halifax,ADT
Atlantic Standard Time,America/Halifax,AST
AUS Central Standard Time,Australia/Adelaide,ACST
Aus Central W. Standard Time,Australia/Eucla,+0845
AUS Eastern Standard Time,Australia/Sydney,AEST
Azerbaijan Standard Time,Asia/Baku,+0400
Azores Daylight Time,Atlantic/Azores,+0000
Azores Standard Time,Atlantic/Azores,-0100
Bahia Standard Time,America/Bahia,-0300
Bangladesh Standard Time,Asia/Dhaka,+0600
Belarus Standard Time,Europe/Minsk,+0300
Bougainville Standard Time,Pacific/Bougainville,+1100
Cabo Verde Standard Time,Atlantic/Cape_Verde,-0100
Canada Central Standard Time,America/Regina,CST
Cape Verde Standard Time,Atlantic/Cape_Verde,-0100
Caucasus Standard Time,Asia/Tbilisi,+0400
Cen. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Adelaide,ACST
Central America Standard Time,America/Belize,CST
Central Asia Standard Time,Asia/Almaty,+0600
Central Brazilian Standard Time,America/Cuiaba,-0400
Central Daylight Time (Mexico),America/Mexico_City,CDT
Central Daylight Time,America/Chicago,CDT
Central Europe Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST
Central Europe Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET
Central European Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST
Central European Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET
Central Pacific Standard Time,Pacific/Guadalcanal,+1100
Central Standard Time (Mexico),America/Mexico_City,CST
Central Standard Time,America/Chicago,CST
Chatham Islands Standard Time,Pacific/Chatham,+1245
China Standard Time,Asia/Shanghai,CST
Cuba Daylight Time,America/Havana,CDT
Cuba Standard Time,America/Havana,CST
Dateline Standard Time,,
E. Africa Standard Time,Africa/Nairobi,EAT
E. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Sydney,AEST
E. Europe Daylight Time,Europe/Bucharest,EEST
E. Europe Standard Time,Europe/Bucharest,EET
E. South America Standard Time,America/Argentina/Cordoba,-0300
Easter Island Standard Time,Pacific/Easter,-0600
Eastern Daylight Time,America/New_York,EDT
Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST
Egypt Standard Time,Africa/Cairo,EET
Ekaterinburg Standard Time,Asia/Yekaterinburg,+0500
Fiji Standard Time,Pacific/Fiji,+1200
FLE Daylight Time,Europe/Helsinki,EEST
FLE Standard Time,Europe/Helsinki,EET
Further-Eastern European Time,Europe/Minsk,+0300
Georgian Standard Time,Asia/Tbilisi,+0400
!!! Olsen: no dst!
GMT Daylight Time,Greenwich,UTC
GMT Standard Time,Greenwich,UTC
Greenland Daylight Time,America/Nuuk,-0200
Greenland Standard Time,America/Nuuk,-0300
Greenwich Standard Time,Greenwich,UTC
GTB Daylight Time,Europe/Athens,EEST
GTB Standard Time,Europe/Athens,EET
Haiti Daylight Time,America/Port-au-Prince,EDT
Haiti Standard Time,America/Port-au-Prince,EST
Hawaiian Standard Time,Pacific/Honolulu,HST
India Standard Time,Asia/Kolkata,IST
Iran Daylight Time,Asia/Tehran,+0430
Iran Standard Time,Asia/Tehran,+0330
Israel Standard Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IST
Jerusalem Daylight Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IDT
Jerusalem Standard Time,Asia/Jerusalem,IST
Jordan Daylight Time,Asia/Amman,EEST
Jordan Standard Time,Asia/Amman,EET
Kaliningrad Standard Time,Europe/Kaliningrad,EET
Korea Standard Time,Asia/Seoul,KST
Libya Standard Time,Africa/Tripoli,EET
Line Islands Standard Time,Pacific/Kiritimati,+1400
Lord Howe Standard Time,Australia/Lord_Howe,+1030
Magadan Standard Time,Asia/Magadan,+1100
Magallanes Standard Time,America/Punta_Arenas,-0300
Malay Peninsula Standard Time,Asia/Kuala_Lumpur,MYT
Marquesas Standard Time,Pacific/Marquesas,-0930
Mauritius Standard Time,Indian/Mauritius,+0400
Mexico Standard Time 2,,
Mexico Standard Time,,
Mid-Atlantic Standard Time,,
Middle East Daylight Time,Asia/Beirut,EEST
Middle East Standard Time,Asia/Beirut,EET
Montevideo Standard Time,America/Montevideo,-0300
Morocco Daylight Time,Africa/Casablanca,+0100
Morocco Standard Time,Africa/Casablanca,+0100
Mountain Daylight Time (Mexico),America/Chihuahua,MDT
Mountain Daylight Time,America/Denver,MDT
Mountain Standard Time (Mexico),America/Chihuahua,MST
Mountain Standard Time,America/Denver,MST
Myanmar Standard Time,Asia/Yangon,+0630
N. Central Asia Standard Time,Asia/Novosibirsk,+0700
Namibia Standard Time,Africa/Windhoek,CAT
Nepal Standard Time,Asia/Kathmandu,+0545
New Zealand Standard Time,Pacific/Auckland,NZST
Newfoundland and Labrador Standard Time,America/St_Johns,NST
Newfoundland Daylight Time,America/St_Johns,NDT
Newfoundland Standard Time,America/St_Johns,NST
Norfolk Standard Time,Pacific/Norfolk,+1100
North Asia East Standard Time,Asia/Irkutsk,+0800
North Asia Standard Time,Asia/Krasnoyarsk,+0700
North Korea Standard Time,Asia/Pyongyang,KST
Novosibirsk Standard Time,Asia/Novosibirsk,+0700
Omsk Standard Time,Asia/Omsk,+0600
Pacific Daylight Time,America/Los_Angeles,PDT
Pacific SA Standard Time,America/Lima,-0500
Pacific Standard Time (Mexico),America/Tijuana,PST
Pacific Standard Time,America/Los_Angeles,PST
Pakistan Standard Time,Asia/Karachi,PKT
Paraguay Standard Time,America/Asuncion,-0400
Qyzylorda Standard Time,Asia/Qyzylorda,+0500
Romance Daylight Time,Europe/Paris,CEST
Romance Standard Time,Europe/Paris,CET
Russia TZ 1 Standard Time,Europe/Kaliningrad,EET,USZ1
Russia TZ 2 Standard Time,Europe/Moscow,MSK
Russia TZ 3 Standard Time,Europe/Samara,+0400,SAMT
Russia TZ 4 Standard Time,Asia/Yekaterinburg,+0500,YEKT
Russia TZ 5 Standard Time,Asia/Omsk,OMST
Russia TZ 6 Standard Time,Asia/Krasnoyarsk,+0700,KRAT
Russia TZ 7 Standard Time,Asia/Irkutsk,+0800,IRKT
Russia TZ 8 Standard Time,Asia/Yakutsk,+0900,YAKT
Russia TZ 9 Standard Time,Asia/Vladivostok,+1000,VLAT
Russia TZ 10 Standard Time,Asia/Srednekolymsk,+1100,MAGT
Russia TZ 11 Standard Time,Asia/Anadyr,+1200,PETT
Russian Standard Time,Europe/Moscow,MSK
SA Eastern Standard Time,America/Cayenne,-0300
SA Pacific Standard Time,America/Lima,-0500
SA Western Standard Time,America/La_Paz,-0400
Saint Pierre Daylight Time,America/Miquelon,-0200
Saint Pierre Standard Time,America/Miquelon,-0300
Sakhalin Standard Time,Asia/Sakhalin,+1100
Samoa Standard Time,Pacific/Apia,+1300
Sao Tome Standard Time,Africa/Sao_Tome,GMT
Saratov Standard Time,Europe/Saratov,+0400
SE Asia Standard Time,Asia/Jakarta,WIB
Singapore Standard Time,Asia/Singapore,+0800
South Africa Standard Time,Africa/Johannesburg,SAST
South Sudan Standard Time,Africa/Juba,EAT
Sri Lanka Standard Time,Asia/Colombo,+0530
Sudan Standard Time,Africa/Khartoum,CAT
Syria Daylight Time,Asia/Damascus,EEST
Syria Standard Time,Asia/Damascus,EET
Taipei Standard Time,Asia/Taipei,CST
Tasmania Standard Time,Australia/Hobart,AEST
Tocantins Standard Time,America/Araguaina,-0300
Tokyo Standard Time,Asia/Tokyo,JST
Tomsk Standard Time,Asia/Tomsk,+0700
Tonga Standard Time,Pacific/Tongatapu,+1300
Transbaikal Standard Time,Asia/Chita,+0900
Turkey Standard Time,Europe/Istanbul,+0300
Turks and Caicos Daylight Time,America/Grand_Turk,EDT
Turks And Caicos Standard Time,America/Grand_Turk,EST
U.S. Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST
Ulaanbaatar Standard Time,Asia/Ulaanbaatar,+0800
US Eastern Daylight Time,America/New_York,EDT
US Eastern Standard Time,America/New_York,EST
US Mountain Standard Time,America/Denver,MST
Venezuela Standard Time,America/Caracas,-0400
Vladivostok Standard Time,Asia/Vladivostok,+1000
Volgograd Standard Time,Europe/Volgograd,+0300
W. Australia Standard Time,Australia/Perth,AWST
W. Central Africa Standard Time,,
W. Europe Daylight Time,Europe/London,BST
W. Europe Standard Time,Europe/London,GMT
W. Mongolia Standard Time,Asia/Ulaanbaatar,+0800
West Asia Standard Time,Asia/Tashkent,+0500
West Bank Standard Time,Asia/Hebron,EET
West Pacific Standard Time,Pacific/Port_Moresby,+1000
Yakutsk Standard Time,Asia/Yakutsk,+0900
Yukon Standard Time,America/Whitehorse,MST