Revision history for Perl module PerlPowerTools

1.028 2022-01-19T05:43:47Z
	* Try to fix Windows's handling of %Z in date - GitHub #98
	* If you find problems, try adjusting the data in script/date and
	open an issue with your changes

1.027 2021-10-11T14:15:02Z
	* Add whoami, originally from O─čuz Ersen. Let me know if you find 
	problems with this.
	* Fix a problem with the - special filename in bc, from Michael Mikonos
	* Various improvements to make date work better on Windows (but still
	a long way to go)

1.025 2021-06-16T05:50:50Z
	* Fix sleep do not do its work twice (GitHub #97)

1.024 2021-03-19T19:22:31Z
	* bin/sort again handles the special filename '-' (for stdin)
	GitHub #95.

1.023 2021-02-10T06:23:32Z
	* A fix for `grep -v` from Ed Avis (#69)

1.022 2021-01-11T06:59:31Z
	* Remove the make program and its dependencies, which recently 
	became much heavier. Strawberry Perl comes with gmake and it's
	to find make tools for Windows.
	* Remove a bit of fluff sticking around after taking out bin/man
	* Completed the move from Travis CI to Github Actions
	* The uudecode tool now has tests, and with the -o option can
	send its output somewhere else, including stdout
	* Many programs have converted to three argument open calls, but
	many don't have tests beyond compilation. Let me know what breaks.
	* Most uses of indirect object notation are gone (thanks
	to Ivan Ludvig)

1.021 2021-01-10T01:49:25Z
	* jul added the nl program
	* Dumped Travis CI, added GitHub Actions: everything is green
	* Happy New Year everyone!

1.020 2020-09-15T17:09:32Z
	* Better Windows tests for rot13
	* Exclude bin/man, which is old Perl4 code that needs a lot of work

1.019_03 2020-09-13T16:03:58Z
	* work harder to test rot13 on Windows

1.019_02 2020-08-10T16:43:59Z
	* Fixing up the rot13 test

1.019_01 2020-08-08T21:07:03Z
	* Added rot13 from @marked (#83)
	* Several test fixes by mohawk2 (#86)

1.017 2020-02-16T00:27:01Z
	* Convert to three-argument open in a bunch of places. No new
	utilities or features.

1.016 2019-09-13T13:37:01Z
	* Try very hard to make the find.t test work now that find2perl
	does not come with perl. Look in many places for it and skip
	tests if you can't find it.

1.015 2019-07-22T01:34:34Z
	* test bin/cat

1.014 2019-07-22T01:25:36Z
	* Fix the test for bin/find to use the perl that's running the test

1.013 2018-11-17T14:32:26Z
	* Add tests for the sort program (Shlomi Fish)
	* Add -amin, -cmin and -mmin to `find` command (timgimyee)
	* Fix patch to restore original if the patch fails (timgimyee)
	* patch uses Term::Readline for prompt (timgimyee)
	* clear tries harder on Windows (timgimyee)

1.012_01 2017-01-14T03:50:20Z
	* Adjust prereq version to Test::Trap to not use leading v,
	which I think is confusing some installers.
	* Ideally, Test::Trap will disappear so we don't have the

1.012 2017-01-11T13:07:08Z
	* Fix a { for v5.24
	* Fix a deprecated use of POSIX::isprint

1.011_03 2016-08-31T17:32:53Z
	* Fix Makefile to work with v5.8
	* Fix some programs to work with v5.26 (escape { in regexes)

1.011_02 2016-08-31T15:12:44Z
	* A Makefile.PL fix for v5.8

1.011_01 2016-08-31T14:25:21Z
	* Escape { in regexes in dc and glob. Perl v5.26 will demand this.

1.011 2016-08-30T16:52:26Z
	* Back out the Term::UI stuff in bin/patch since that module
	isn't core.

1.009 2016-08-30T08:16:23Z
	* Fix some Makefile.PL issues (pauloscustodio)

1.007_01 2016-03-07T19:05:46Z
	* Exit gracefully in robots if Curses isn't installed
	since a die in a BEGIN is a compilation error when
	* Skip -x tests on Windows.

1.007 2016-03-06T18:24:26Z
	* Make it easier to install on Windows (Kevin Phair)
	GitHub issue #32/33

1.006 2015-04-20T23:49:58Z
	* Add docs about the default install location to the
	README and module docs.
	* Fix the diff docs (GitHub #20)

1.005 2015-04-17T01:20:12Z
	* Don't install at the same location as perl. Make the
	user think about where to install them so these tools
	don't interfere with the real tools of the same name.

1.004 - 2014-12-20
	* Try to get first come permissions on ppt so I can close those
	tickets (and release something to replace ppt)

1.003 - 2014-12-18
	* Fix all the issues in the old ppt bugs list (
	* All programs have embedded metadata (Tim Gim Yee)
	* Fixes to wc, paste (Dmitri Tikhonov)
	* The repo is now PerlPowerTools, not the old ppt
	* factor now works correctly (Dana Jacobsen)
	* A typo fix in diff (Sergey Romanov)

1.002_03 - 2014-09-15
	* Add tests for true and false (that's easy!)
	* Start the TODO file with what needs to happen
	* Fix some programs for v5.21 and disappearing syntax

1.002_02 - 2014-09-15
	* Fix syntax deprecations enforced in v5.22

1.02_01 - 2014-09-14
	* Let's try a different way of running the command to compile
	the programs

1.02 - 2014-09-12
	* Trim the distribution, drastically. Let MetaCPAN be the website.

1.01 - 2014-09-12
	* Let's update Perl Power Tools and make it easier to find - call
	it PerlPowerTools instead of ppt
	* I'm not sure all of the programs even ran, but at least they
	compile now
	* I've probably broken some things, but now I want to see what's

0.14 - 2004-08-04
	* 'make manifest' skips legit tarballs, fixed with new utillity, Casey West
	* New col and words, Ronald J Kimball
	* Website now includes version number, Casey West

0.13 - 2004-07-23
	* Casey West takes over management.
	* grep/tcgrep - New revision by Paul Johnson
	* sort/sort.pudge - New revision by Chris Nandor
	* html/poem.html - Added, found in LWN archives, Casey West
	* Tom's ambition was found in his mkidx script, exposed by Casey West
	* Most recent known original ppt dist included, Casey West