Revision history for Perl module Data::Random

0.13      2018-04-18 00:46:01-07:00 America/Los_Angeles
          - allow a single argument to `rand_enum` as long as it's an arrayref
          Thanks to NEILB (Neil Bowers) for the suggestion
          Thanks to jjatria (José Joaquin Atria) for doing the work
          - upgrade to Dist::Zilla
          Thanks to jjatria (José Joaquin Atria) for the pull request
          - use Test::MockTime to avoid off-by-a-second bogus test failures
          Thanks to jjatria (José Joaquin Atria) for the pull request
          - fix mismatched docs and implementation for `rand_chars`
            now both are correct
          Thanks to jjatria (José Joaquin Atria) for the pull request
          - better error handling in `rand_time`
          Thanks to jjatria (José Joaquin Atria) for the pull request

0.12    2015-05-25T10:44:00-0700
        - convert from Date::Calc to Time::Piece
            - require Time::Piece 1.16 because it has add_year()
            - fixed rand_datetime on MSWin32 after Time::Piece
            - fixed tests to work for local timezone
        - convert to File::Temp
        - lots of cleanup
        Thanks to mbeijen (Michiel Beijen) for these improvements!
        - colors can only go up to 255 (RT/100995)
        Thanks to jrosenboom

0.11    2014-01-01T15:09:57-0800
        - remove MYMETA.* from dist and add them to MANIFEST.SKIP (RT/89174)

0.10    2013-10-30T20:37:08-0700
        - rand_chars() will now return a string when called in scalar context
        - tidied up this file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.09    2013-09-14 00:06:55 PDT
        - getting new Module::Install::GithubMeta (RT/88089)
        - remove some spurious files from MANIFEST

0.08    2012-09-17 22:57:33 PDT
        - fixing even more random tests that fail on midnight and zero seconds

0.07    2012-06-02 16:44:53 PDT
        - fixed distro bugs (RT/73551, RT/75507, RT/77290)

0.06    2011-11-14 20:23:22 PST
        - fixed bug where .. was added to @INC (RT/71346)
        - tweaked POD
        - improved tests/fixed many CPAN Testers failures

0.05    2003-02-20
        - added default wordlist (copy of linux.words)
        - fixed tests again so they don't fail if Date::Calc or
          GD are not installed

0.04    2002-02-26
        - removed false dependency on Perl 5.005_62
        - only load Data::Random::WordList when needed
          (Thanks to Mark Stosberg)
        - fixed tests so they skip appropriate tests if Date::Calc or
          GD are not installed

0.03    2001-08-20
        - added rand_image()
        - used Carp::cluck() and returned undef on errors instead of
          calling die, thus making it a little more friendly

0.02    2001-05-30
        - correctly made "shuffle" flag default to 1 for rand_words(),
          rand_chars() and rand_set()  (Thanks to David Sarno)
        - fixed bug where rand_words() would sometimes return less words
          than what's specified in "min"  (Thanks to David Sarno)
        - allowed results of rand_set() to be unshuffled
        - added a plethora of tests (how's one supposed to
          accurately the test validity of random data anyway?)

0.01    2000-10-31
        - original version