How to write an app with App::Spec::Run


Specification for commandline apps
App::Spec objects representing command line options or parameters
Shell Completion generator
Shell Completion generator for bash
Shell Completion generator for zsh
App::Spec objects representing command line option specs
App::Spec objects representing command line parameters
App::Spec Plugin for formatting data structures
App::Spec Plugin for help subcommand and options
App::Spec Plugin for meta functions
Generates Pod from App::Spec objects
commands and subcommands both use this role
Main role for App::Spec plugins
Plugins for adding options should use this role
Plugins for subcommands should use this role
App::Spec framework to run your app
The App::Spec command which is run
Output class for App::Spec::Run
Response class for App::Spec::Run
Processes and validates options and parameters
Represents an App::Spec subcommand


in lib/App/Spec/