#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use lib 'definitions';

use Zing::Flow;
use Zing::Loop;

=pod explain

- zing-loop is the Zing event-loop used by all processes
- the loop takes a "flow" which represents an event-loop step/tick
- the flow is implemented as a simplified linked-list
- the term "flow" was used to denote logic flows given that the ...


my $f0 = Zing::Flow->new(name => 's0', code => sub {warn 'init'});
my $f1 = $f0->next(Zing::Flow->new(name => 's1', code => sub {warn 'step 1'}));
my $f2 = $f1->next(Zing::Flow->new(name => 's2', code => sub {warn 'step 2'}));
my $f3 = $f2->next(Zing::Flow->new(name => 's3', code => sub {warn 'step 3'}));

my $l = Zing::Loop->new(flow => $f0);

$l->exercise; # run one cycle