#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use lib 'definitions';

use Zing::Fork;
use Zing::Process;

=pod explain

- zing-fork is responsible for forking processes, ...
- and connecting forked processes to parents which is useful for monitoring
- you'll notice that the (4) forks requested in the scheme are ignored here
- to launch 4 forks, execute() is called multiple times, this is because ...
- elsewhere, certain process logic needs to relaunch dead forks
- also, note that terminate() sends a signal to all registered forks


my $p = Zing::Process->new;
my $f = Zing::Fork->new(parent => $p, scheme => ['MyApp::Sleep', [], 4]);


my $pids = join(', ', keys(%{$f->processes}));

warn "killing forked processes ($pids) in 5 secs";

sleep 5;


warn "killed processes ($pids)";