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#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use warnings;

use lib 'definitions';

use Zing::Cartridge;
use Zing::Daemon;

=pod explain

- zing-daemon takes an app (zing process) and backgrounds it
- i.e. runs the zing process in the background
- zing is a Watcher which loads (and forks) a kernel
- the kernel process loads the app (from its scheme)
- the kernel is also a watcher and maintains the specified number of forks
- the supervisor tree is zing -> kernel -> app


my $d = Zing::Daemon->new(
  cartridge => Zing::Cartridge->new(
    name => 'myapp-sleep',
    scheme => ['MyApp::Sleep', [], 4],
    appdir => '.',
    piddir => '.',


my $pid = do './';

warn "killing forked process ($pid) in 5 secs";

sleep 5;

kill 'TERM', $pid;

warn "killed process ($pid)";

unlink '';