Sun May  8 07:50:07 UTC 2011	New version Scrappy-0.94111280
				Fixed a major bug in the download action
				Added first, last and each methods to parser
Fri May  6 01:10:37 UTC 2011	New version Scrappy-0.94111260
				Changed project creation script in Scrappy::Action::Generate
				Added native Data::Dumper::Dumper() support via the dumper() method
				Parser no longer croaks on "no html source" and simply returns an empty arrayref
Thu May  5 02:54:09 UTC 2011	New version Scrappy-0.93111250
				Added action to allow the scrappy cli to download webpages
				Added Tiny::Try support to all get/post function so not to crash the calling app
				Fixed bug in the back() function
				Fixed bug download and store content saving functions