Revision history for Perl module Weather-OpenWeatherMap

0.005004 2016-01-03

  - Fix lack of consistency regarding 'temp/temp_f' accessors between Current
    and Hourly reports

  - confess() if attempting to construct a Request::Find for a city code

  - Force Request->url related exceptions to take place at object construction

  - Drop Test::Memory::Cycle dependency

0.005003 2015-12-30

  - Missing dependency on strictures-2+

  - Missing 'api_key' should warn at construction time
    (mistakenly built lazily)

0.005002 2015-12-29

  - Fix documentation regarding rain/snow totals

  - Fix missing documentation regarding Find->iter($count)

  - carp() about it if constructed without an 'api_key'

  - Add 'set_api_key' writer for changing API key on an instance

  - Fix a bug related to reattaching Request objects to cached Results when
    calling ->retrieve on a Result object (rather than Request)

    (This is a dubious thing to do anyway, but Cache allows it)

  - Test expansion

0.005001 2015-12-29

  - Fix for potentially stale Request objects attached to cached Results

    A Request may have the same 'location =>' as the cached Result's
    '->request' object but different tags or other data.

    Cache->retrieve will now reattach the supplied Request to the returned
    cached Result.

  - Find->iter($count) now behaves like Forecast->iter($count)

  - Round off reported rain/snow totals for hourly report blocks; the
    precision returned by OpenWeatherMap is a bit ludicrous

  - Improve corrupted cache checks

  - Test suite fixes and cleanups

0.004001 2015-12-28

  - Fix orphaned cache items for Find & hourly Forecast results

  - Add support for returning multiple items at a time from a Forecast

0.003001 2015-12-28

  - Add hourly (3-hr blocks) forecast support

  - Documentation fixes

0.002004 2015-09-18

  - use strictures 2 for saner fatal warnings behavior

  - use Test::File::ShareDir for Result tests

0.002003 2014-08-16

  - Fix Path object coercion in cache handler

0.002002 2014-05-17

  - Fix missing File::ShareDir dependency

0.002001 2014-05-16

  - Add support for OpenWeatherMap's 'find' interface

  - Caching-related optimizations

  - Use JSON::MaybeXS over JSON::Tiny (for the potential speed boost)

0.001005 2014-05-09

  - Cache-related fixes

0.001004 2014-05-08

  - Add support for caching results via Weather::OpenWeatherMap::Cache

0.001003 2014-05-03

  - Fix Result::Forecast::Day->wind_speed_kph to return a correctly converted

  - Provide Storable's 'freeze' as a method (on Request & Result objects)

  - Expanded tests

0.001002 2014-04-23

  - POD & t/ fixes

0.001001 2014-04-20

  - Initial release