[Changes for 1.67 - 2011-11-11]

* Do not attempt to build for Perl 5.10+, as this module depends on pseudohashes.

* Modernize the build process again to the latest Module::Install release.

* Add this notice to README:

    (Currently, this project exists mainly for historical/archival purposes,
    not for active development.)


v1.66 Thu Oct 30 19:41:27 CST 2003
    Modernise the build process, and correctly depend on a non-broken,
    freshly-released if.pm, version 0.04.

v1.65 Sun May 25 14:44:37 CST 2003
    Adds transcoding support; "use OurNet::BBS 'big5'" now turns internal
    data into Unicode strings, and encode/decoded with on-disk data in big5.

    Better support for MAPLE3's User objects.

    Built-in file locking support, so concurrent access to the same disk
    asset no longer cause race conditions.

    Supports OurNet::BBS->new('OurNet', OurNet::BBS->new(...), $username)
    for on-disk authentication.

    Full Group support for MELIX systems implemented.

v1.64 Thu Feb  7 05:31:46 CST 2002
    Better parsing of NNTP-style BBSAgent articles.

    The bbsboard utilitiy now respects the board's {permit} settings.

    Reconnection is supported in OurNet::Client.

    New "-s" (non-forking) flag for bbscomd.

    New "-G" flag for bbscomd to allow login as any user.

    Hash components now has the "KEYS" method.

    Major overhaul in UserGroup work to provide consistent behaviour.

    Introduces experimental Firebird3 backend (User and Board only).

    Relaxed Makefile.PL requirements; no install of MailBox by default.

    Removed ExtUtils so it has to be fetched from CPAN manually.

    The eg/ directory now contains some sample scripts.

    Prefers the use of hashref by-name new() syntax in examples and

    The hashref constructor syntax is accepted by OurNet backend.

    Split documentation about roadmap to OurNet::BBS::Roadmap.

v1.63, Mon Dec 10 20:21:38 CST 2001
    Added three simple diagrams in OurNet::BBS::Tutorial.

    A longer timeout (60 sec) is now used by BBSAgent.

    Fixed installation glitches reported by pudge.

    Remove unused MELIX toplevel fields "usershmkey" and "maxuser".

    Group semantic in MAPLE3 and MELIX finally worked.

    The dependency to Test::More 0.31+ is now handled.

    Better diagnostics from the test process.

    Updated document to cut down sales-talk and beef up spelling.

    New ciphers Crypt::DES_EDE3 and Crypt::Rijndael_PP are supported.

    The NNTP backend now handles "id" and "title" predicably.

    Fixed a bbscomd bug of not detecting wrong passphrases.

    Secure communication via CIPH_PGP is restored.

    If the gnupg keyring is suddenly unavailable, Server can now

    The auto-installer ExtUtils::AutoInstall is now less buggy.

    MIME QuotedPrint handling of bbsboard/bbsmail has been improved.

v1.62, Mon Oct 15 07:48:58 CST 2001
    No longer depends on GnuPG::Interface to run.

    The OurNet protocol has been updated to 0.4 with callback support.

    Assigning a coderef directly (but not inside refs) via OurNet now

    New, write-only External backend to utilize sendmail and the like.

    Tainting check should now work on bbsboard and bbsmail.

    GC stability on perl v5.6.x is much better.

    A revised, more flexible Makefile.PL.

v1.61, Fri Sep 28 00:53:46 CST 2001
    Adds a read-only, experimental Cola backend.

    Implements re-authentication for Server.

    Bundles bbsboard and bbsmail utilities.

    The BBSAgent backend now has a logfile property for debugging use.

    Permission model and group support for CVIC.

    Fixes various Base namespace pollution bugs.

    Public key-based login is working now.

    Additional Server options could be set in

    Introduced the Bundle::OurNet namespace.

v1.6, Mon Sep 3 23:07:36 CST 2001
    Changed Server and Client's default port from 7978 to 7979.

    Complete ArticleGroup permission model for MELIX.

    A <-g> options now enables bbscomd to accept guest-privileged

    Delete board / articles now works in file-based backends.

    Changed DBI to RAM; it has nothing to do with DBI anyway.

    Integrated the new set of design documents into manpage.

v1.6-delta, Mon Aug 28 01:47:18 CST 2001
    Session support for MELIX backend.

    Purged LWP support from tree; nobody's using it anyway.

    Fixed context problems of NNTP and OurNet backends.

    The OurNet protocol could now pass back arguments by reference.

    Passes tests on Win32 now.

    Post-back of BBSAgent and SessionGroup fixed.

v1.6-gamma, Thu Aug 16 17:37:12 CST 2001
    The test cases in "t/" are now numbered, and OurNet-based tests
    added. For the first time, all tests pass.

    Implemented "{'owner'}" fetch for CVIC groups.

    The chrono-ahead algorithm now works correctly for all backends, so
    there will no longer be duplicate "Message-ID"s.

    Fixed the MAPLE3 backend's incestuous relationship with MELIX.

    Upgraded the Authen protocol to v0.3. Setting the flag
    $OurNet::BBS::BYPASS_NEGOTIATION now bypasses handshaking

v1.6-beta, Tue Aug 14 03:31:10 CST 2001
    A streamlined "t/stdtest" base now applies to all three file-based

    The "{''} = ..." STORE-as-PUSH semantics is fully supported.

    Group metadata unified into hash-based "{owner|title|id}".

    Compatibility for perl 5.7.x, including line disciplines.

    The long-timed 'extra test' heisenbug has been eliminated.

v1.6-alpha, Sun Aug 12 19:03:08 CST 2001
    Added the HISTORY section in manpage.

    Rewritten Base to be "overload"-based.

    Eliminated ArrayProxy and pseudohashes.

    Uses Test::More instead of Test.

    Improved MIME and mail address parsing regexes.

    A much faster and robust NNTP backend.

    The DBI backend rewritten to indicate style change.

v1.56, Mon Jul 23 02:12:06 2001
    File access via FileGroup components.

    Group support for MAPLE3 with a twisted API.

    Proper permission control for nearly all components.

    Unix-style mailbox support via the MailBox backend.

    CR/LF bug on Win32 eliminated.

v1.55, Wed Jun 20 06:17:16 2001
    The full OurNet authentication model.

    Fixed UserGroup for MAPLE* backends.

    A new Message-ID formula.

    Fixed core dump in various, but not all, places.

    Massive speed increase.

v1.54, Wed Jun 13 11:43:12 2001
    This version implements the new OurNet (formerly known as PlClient)
    asymmetric-key based authentication model, article/board permission
    model for M3 backends, numerous bug fixes, win32 support, and much,
    much more.

v1.53, Sat Jun 9 11:09:26 2001
    Full bbscomd support; PlClient is now a valid backend. (autrijus)

    Finally fixed the internal object model; using multiple backends was
    broken due to back-propagation of initvar() variables. (autrijus)

    STORE into MAPLE* backends should now update shm correctly.

    Improved BBSAgent error handling for fail-safe operations. (clkao)

    Fixed hazard caused by remote empty (or deleted) articles. (clkao)

    Nickname support for MAPLE2/CVIC is reimplemented. (clkao)

    BBSAgent now matches nickname even in pathetic cases. (smartboy)

v1.52, Wed Jun 6 05:53:54 2001
    Clean-up release to fix many 1.51 glitches, with added documentation
    and test cases added.

v1.51, Sat Jun 2 07:05:18 2001
    Forked out from "libOurNet" distribution.

    Vastly improved support for BBSAgent backend to support ebx, with
    many parsing enhancement and templates from smartboy.

v1.4-alpha4, Fri Mar 23 03:21:14 2001
    Integrated the MAPLE3 backend.

v1.4-alpha3, Fri Jan 12 04:57:17 2001
    First Win32 (ppm) release.

v1.4-alpha2, Mon Jan 15 07:39:00 2001
    Adds LWP::Protocol support and Session components.

v1.4-alpha, Fri Jan 12 04:54:29 2001
    First CPAN release, featuring the BBSAgent backend.

v1.3, Fri Dec 29 05:40:11 2000
    Provides simple remote access via OurNet::BBS::PlClient.

v1.2, Thu Dec 7 05:02:39 2000
    Backend abstraction revised; added PTT backend by gugod.

v1.1, Tue Nov 21 19:00:33 2000
    Initial commit, with CVIC as the only backend.