Revision history for Audit-DBI

v1.9.0  2017-03-20
        - Relicensed under Perl 5 terms.
        - Cleaned up dependencies.
        - Improved test coverage.

v1.8.2  2014-04-20
        - Added automatic conversion of IP addresses.
        - Added many test to improve code coverage.
        - Refactored tests.
        - Fixed "package version matches dist version" for CPANTS.
        - Fixed license declared in meta files.

v1.8.1  2013-05-13
        - Fixed meta information.

v1.8.0  2013-05-12
        - IMPORTANT: Audit::DBI::TT2 is now in an independent distribution
          instead of being bundled inside Audit-DBI. Removed module and
          prerequisites accordingly.
        - Fixed missing use.

v1.7.3  2013-05-08
        - Updated readme to use markdown.
        - Replaced Test::NoWarnings with Test::FailWarnings.

v1.7.2  2013-04-27
        - (GitHub #5) Fixed retrieving events with the 'values' argument in
          Audit::DBI->review(). Thanks Jacob Rose!
        - Added tests for the 'values' argument of Audit::DBI->review().

v1.7.1  2013-03-24
        - Updated example to use JQuery v1.9.1 and JQueryUI.
        - Moved release tests to xt/.
        - Added tests for Kwalitee.
        - Added Test::NoWarnings to all tests.
        - Updated links to point to MetaCPAN.
        - Updated links to point to GitHub's issue tracker.
        - Fixed tests that depend on String::Diff.

v1.7.0  2013-03-16
        - Added optional sort argument to Audit::DBI->review().
        - Moved request tracker from RT to GitHub.
        - Added get_string_bytes() and get_diff_string_bytes() in
          Audit::DBI::Utils to support calculating the size of diffs.
        - Added Audit::DBI::Event->get_diff_string_bytes() to retrieve the size
          of string differences in the diff stored for the audit event.

v1.6.0  2012-10-07
        - Fixed expiration time issue with Cache::Memcached::Fast.
        - Added full support for PostGreSQL.
        - Refactored tests to centralize database connections and allow testing
          with different database types.
        - Added config file for Travis-CI.
        - Added comments in JS and CSS files.

v1.5.3  2012-10-01
        - Added tests for Audit::DBI::Utils::ipv4_to_integer() and
        - Simplified Audit::DBI::Utils::ipv4_to_integer() to fix a persistent
          error report on OS X Tiger.
        - Relicensed as GPLv3.
        - Fixed POD.

v1.5.2  2012-09-21
        - (RT #79696) Updated default comparison function when determining the
          difference between two data structures to handle equal numbers with
          a different formatting.
        - (RT #79695) Added support in Audit::DBI->record() for specifying a
          custom comparison function for the diff.

v1.5.1  2012-09-19
        - POD corrections.
        - (RT #79749) Fixed index name. Thanks Jamie!
        - Moved repository to GitHub.

v1.5.0  2012-09-12
        - Implemented option to convert objects into strings when calling,
          record(), to improve the readability of the diff and information
          when calling review(). Thanks Kate Kirby for pair-programming this
          feature with me!

v1.4.3  2012-09-11
        - Fixed warning.
        - Fixed call to Storable::freeze() when there is no diff structure.

v1.4.2  2012-09-11
        - Fixed how field names are quoted when inserting events.

v1.4.1  2012-09-10
        - Added optional database_handle argument to Audit::DBI->review().
        - Tightened up checking for invalid parameters.

v1.4.0  2012-09-07
        - Repackaged and generalized code.
        - Added fully working example.
        - Added standalone tests.
        - Public release.

v1.3.0  2012-02-13
        - Nathan Gray (KOLIBRIE) implemented rate-limiting in Audit::DBI->record().

v1.2.5  2012-02-12
        - Added verification of mandatory parameters for record().
        - Added Audit::DBI::Event->get_ip_address().

v1.2.4  2011-05-18
        - Upgraded JQuery from 1.3.2 to 1.5.

v1.2.3  2011-01-21
        - Cleaned up imports.

v1.2.2  2010-12-20
        - Changed arguments of review() use a singular form.
        - Changed to use hashrefs instead of hashes to pass data.
        - Cleaned up Audit::DBI::Event.

v1.2.1  2010-08-18
        - Fixed typo.

v1.2.0  2010-08-04
        - Added support for searching on events.

v1.1.0  2010-01-25
        - Implemented search data.
        - Fixed review() when searching with key/values.

v1.0.0  2010-01-07
        - First version.