flail to-do list.

* Built-in MIME support, toolkit-ish
* GnuPG supported based on the newer Perl GPG CPAN module
* Maildir support
* A new variant of ls: sort metric.  Displays messages sorted by metric
* Per-message metric computation that can then be used e.g. the sort command
* Make documentation better
* Modularize commands.  Create Flail:: namespace and put commands in
  it and dynload the right module via AUTOLOAD, perhaps.
* Multiple commands on a line, e.g. "rm .; next; cat" so you can
  at least make aliases like that.
* Clean up a lot of the archaic code I wrote when I was still thinking
  in perl4 and not perl5.
* Hack send_internal to not use a relay if $SMTPHost is undef, but to
  look up the MX for the recipient or just try connecting to the destination
  directly if there is no MX.
* Mark new messages as new and automatically map a new_hook over them
  after doing a get.  Clear the new flag afterwards.  This would let you
  build filters.
* Use the seen flag.
* Support arbitrary flags
* Change all prints to a call to something else, so that a GUI or web
  interface doesn't need so much work.
* Standardize argument parsing for commands that take options, instead
  of the ad hocery there is in unmark and so on [HALF DONE]
* Add the necessary code to readline() usage to do real command completion
* Hierarchical addressbook w/more structure to the entries [real LDIF support]
* Daemon mode?
* GUI using gtk+ perl bindings
* HTTP interface, or support access via CGI