2.01      2020-10-13

- fix Changes for last release and missing MANIFEST

2.00 2020-10-12

- welcome Nicolas R (ATOOMIC) as co-maintainer of this package,
  and thanks for setting up a modern repo at Github:
- Avoid indirect calls
- Enforce strict and warnings in test
- Update POD to reflect that -no-verbose shows SYNOPSIS
- Switch to GitHub and use Dist::Zilla
- improve test coverage

1.70 (marekr)
- CPAN#115847: pod2usage exits with error when using "-verbose 3" with STDIN
  Addressed in pod2usage script, and updated POD
- CPAN#122941: Pod::Usage::pod2usage() problem with $Config{scriptdir}
  Should be fixed by 1.69 already; reviewed code
- CPAN#121489: I<> not emphasized when used with Pod::Text::Termcap
  Added specific support of ::Termcap
- CPAN#114697: Sample code syntax error in documentation for Pod-Usage
  Fixed. Well spotted!
- CPAN#125337: Typo in pod
  Fixed. Well spotted, too!
- CPAN#130418: Fix parent directory in pod2usage auxiliary script
  Patch accepted, thanks!
- CPAN#131845: $Config{pager} string can have arguments
  fixed by changing the system() command from using the array form to
  string form, and escape/quote the file path to protect any metacharacters
  in the file path
- CPAN#131844: preferring PAGER to $Config{pager}
  Fixed with the above CPAN#131845

1.69 (marekr)
- CPAN#111313: Makefile creation issue with Pod-Usage-1.68
  thanks to H M Brand for the suggestion on how to create a more portable
  tar.gz distribution file
- CPAN#109830: Tests fail
  bundle some old Pod::Parser modules in the test so that there is no more
  dependency. This has to refactored one day to entirely get rid of that

1.68 (marekr)
- CPAN#102529: License declaration mismatch
  unified the license for Pod-Usage to "as Perl itself", and corrected authors
- CPAN#109830: Tests fail
  added prerequisite for Pod::Text 4.00 to avoid running tests with outdated
- CPAN#110443: [PATCH] fix -perldoc option in pod2usage() method
  added missing '-'
- CPAN#110446: [feature request] -perldocopt for supplying perldoc options
  added this option; split of string on whitespace is not optimal, but
  should do the job

1.67 (marekr)
- added options -perlcmd and -perldoc to allow for non-standard installations
  of perl and the perldoc script. Thanks to Markus Jansen for the patch

1.66 (marekr)
- CPAN#102116: pod2usage() -sections omits section with subsection specified
    added more precise documentation about the -section syntax and semantics
- CPAN#102117: pod2usage() changes formatting
    added documentation to describe what formatting changes pod2usage applies
- CPAN#102101: New tests fail when in core
    changed the way the tests find their dependencies. Thanks to BINGOS for
    the patch, applied in slightly modified way

1.65 (marekr)
- CPAN#81059: [RT #115534]: Pod::Usage Failes to Select -sections with Negation
    fixed a specific corner case for section selection
- CPAN#101538: Pod::Usage doesn't handle E<copy> correctly
    introduced a utf8 option; this may actually not solve the problem, but
    it is the best we can do for the moment
- CPAN#101581: pod2usage() -sections omits marked-up text from =head lines
    make sure that marked-up text is not skipped

1.64 (marekr)
- CPAN#93170: Abstract in pod doesn't follow convention
    fixed the NAME section
- CPAN#86932: documentation does not work with use strict
    rewritten parts of the DESCRIPTION section
- CPAN#86776: "pod2usage -verbose 2 FILE" is broken when perldoc is missing
    verified that pod2usage acts decently if perldoc is missing
    note: a Perl installation without perldoc is like a haunted house
    without ghosts

1.63 (marekr)
- CPAN#85477: Module version not updated in last release
- CPAN#85478: typo fixes

1.62 (marekr)
Patches provided by rjbs - many thanks!
- These commits update Pod::Usage to only use Pod::Simple, so that any
  reliance on Pod::Parser is removed, making it easier to remove Pod::Parser
  from core.
- [PATCH 1/4] update Makefile: strict, INSTALLDIR, 5.6
- [PATCH 2/4] we will start to require perl 5.6 from here on out
- [PATCH 3/4] always use Pod::Text as default base class
- [PATCH 4/4] eliminate the branch in which Pod::Parser would be used
  This commit is intended entirely to free Pod::Usage from any reliance on
  * Usage.pm now defaults to using Pod::Text, rather than checking $] to pick.
  * $Pod::Select::MAX_HEADING_LEVEL is replaced with a local var
  * &Pod::Select::_compile_section_spec is copied into this module
    This isn't the most elegant fix, but it's a bit of a ball of mud. The code
    is written to let you alter @ISA at runtime to something that is derived
    either from Pod::Parser or Pod::Simple. This should probably be more
    explicitly limited to Pod::Simple in future releases.

1.61 (marekr)
- fix empty META.yml (CPAN RT#83118: META.yml is empty)
- update outdated test expected data (CPAN RT#83111: fails test)

1.60 (marekr)
- moved POD behind __END__ for slighlty quicker loading
- CPAN RT#81387: 2 suggestions for module Pod::Usage
  added example of how to use FindBin to locate the script;
  added $Pod::Usage::Formatter to allow a different base class
- CPAN RT#75598: [PATCH] Don't use perldoc if it is missing
  implemented as suggested in the RT ticket
- factored Pod::Usage out of the Pod-Parser distribution into a separate one,
  in order to prepare the rewrite based upon Pod::Simple
- thanks to rjbs for driving this

For prior changes, see the Pod::Parser change log.