Summary of Changes to Tk::TableMatrix

See ChangeLog for detailed changes.

Release 1.26   10/26/2020

* Fix RT #133587: improper handling of line endings differing from `$/`
  in pTk.exc files causes build failure (tries compiling
  known-uncompilable files—e.g. tkAppInit.c, tkTablePs.c)
* Add GitHub repository to module metadata
* Apply POD fixes (originally by Debian package maintainer Bart Martens)

Release 1.25   10/19/2020

* add dependencies / RT #133557
* improve POD (incl. RT #75690)

Release 1.24   10/17/2020

* pTk/Makefile.PL: fix RT #133547
* improve indentation of myConfig

Release 1.23   1/9/2007

* Changed TableMatrix::Spreadsheet row/col resize behavior to be more
Release 1.22   3/23/06

* Misc Bugs fixed in Tk::TableMatrix::SpreadsheetHideRows
Release 1.21   3/2/06

* Updated to make the row/size resize operation (that happens when you
  drag the row/col borders) apply to every row or column that is currently
  selected, instead of just the	row/col border that was dragged.
Release 1.2   1/26/05

* Fixed bug which was causing crashes on perl 5.8.4 on win32 when 
  anything was copied into the clipboard (i.e. when control-c pressed).
* Fixed row/col insert/deletes to work more reliably in TableMatrix::Spreadsheet

Release 1.1:   2/12/04

* Updated to be compatible with the new Tk804 series.

Release 1.01:  12/6/02

* Fixed Error where the rowHeight method
  was getting executed like a colWidth. This was introduced in the
  update of TkTable 2.5 to 2.6

Release 1.0:  12/2/02

* Updated core C-code for the changes made from TkTable 2.6 to 2.8.
  (Tk::TableMatrix is derived from the TkTable Tcl/Tk Widget.
    See ) 
  From the TkTable 2.7 and 2.8 Release Notes:
    * Corrected memory leaks in caching.
    * Added the ability to select borders with Button1.
    * Added global -justify option.
    * Added -ipadx/-ipady table options and swapped them with
      the old -padx/-pady.  This gives better control over the
      cell padding. **** POTENTIAL INCOMPATABILITY ****
    * -borderwidth now takes up to 4 values to allow you to
      customize edge edge of a cell.
    * Added priorities to tags, so tags can be raised and
      lowered in priority. **** POTENTIAL INCOMPATABILITY ****  
* Numerous minor bugs fixed.

Release 0.9:  5/22/02

* Added an experimental widget: SpreadsheetHideRows. This enables
  display of tabular info, with selectable hide/unhide of detail
  data. See demos/SpreadsheetHideRows
* Numerous minor bugs fixed.
Release 0.8:  10/5/01

* Removed un-needed dependencies on Data::Parse and Date::Format
  for TableMatrix::Spreadsheet
* Fixed problem with the selection going nuts when dragging the 
  selection out of the window.

Release 0.71:  6/15/01

* Fixed to compile with the new Tk800.023 release.

Release 0.7:  6/7/01

* Added TableMatrix::Spreadsheet widget. This is a TableMatrix Derived
        widget with Excel-like bindings.

* Reverted back to the cell sorting method implemented in tktable 2.5 (and
	TableMatrix 0.3).  The new cell sorting method didn't sort negative
	row/column indexes correctly, which caused the data from a
	copy/paste operation to be out-of-order, if the selection included
        multiple negative row/col indexes.
* Fixed control +/- key bindings for modifying the column with. 
        (Patch from Slaven)
Release 0.5:  12/20/00

* Updated to be consistent with tkTable 2.6

Release 0.3  9/16/00

* Initial Release (based on tkTable 2.5)