Revision history for Perl extension Apache2::AuthEnv

1.3.8 April 2011
        - Use Memoize to cache the database file lookup, to speed access
          on subsequence requests.

1.3.7 March 2011
        - Set verion number to v1.3.7 as this allows CPAN to update the
          module correctly.
	- Incorporate Apache2::ServerRec::warn for logging.
        - Add AuthEnvLogDebug directive for debugging.
        - Restrict AuthEnvUser and AuthEnvVar to directory, location and
          .htaccess files only.
	- Deal with taint checks.
	- No longer need "PerlOptions +GlobalRequest" in perl.conf

1.3.6 March 2011
        - Fix bug that disallowed directives to be specified in
          httpd.conf files. Reported by John Ostuni, Giovanni Torres,

	- Allow fixed user names but still issue warning.

1.3.5 January 2011
	- Expand %{} in the regular expressions for AuthEnv.*Match

1.3.4 December 2010
        - Change undefined ENV variable to empty strings. This will stop
          authorization denials due to undefined var. To disallow empty
          variables should be done explicitly.
        - Added AuthEnvLogInfo directive to reduce logging.
        - Added the config file and line number for allowed and
          denied messages.

1.3.3 April 2009
        Added support for loading extra ENV data from database via the
        AuthEnvDbImport directive.

1.3.2 June 2009
        Extra errors to help pinpoint auth failure issues with
        .htaccess rules.

1.3.1 June 2009
        Fixed a bug in the environment expansion whereby a final
        empty default is ignored and mangles the last environment
        variable name.

1.3 April 2009
	- Re-engineered the expansion to allow for
	  and to use common code.
        - Added AuthEnvAllowAll, AuthEnvDenyAll, AuthEnvAllowFile and
          AuthEnvDenyFile directives.

1.2 Jan 2009
	- Documentation changes.

1.1 June 2008
	- Changed AuthEnvVar to AuthEnvUser.
	- Added AuthEnvChange directive.
        - Changes internals to respect order of AuthEnvSet and
          AuthEnvChange directives.

1.0 May 2008
	- Added config merging and AuthEnv*Split* directives.

0.9 April 2008
	- Put into production use with slight modification.

0.8 March 2008
	- Initial module built and tested