Revision history for Perl extension DBD::PgPP.

0.08  Sat Jan  9 17:56:15 UTC 2010

    - Regenerate dist using latest ExtUtils::MakeMaker; thanks to Alexandr

    - Now needs Perl 5.8

0.07  Sat Aug 29 13:17:21 UTC 2009

    - RT#48919: Allow quoting strings containing \0 (not that doing so is
      very useful, but there's not much I can do about that).

0.06  Tue Feb 24 11:45:16 UTC 2009

    - RT#15894: New last_insert_id feature; thanks to Roger Crew for the

    - RT#7686: Update test suite for newer PostgreSQL

    - RT#14318 RT#18733 RT#41511: Allow execution of new queries while
      fetching an existing one

    - RT#14791 RT#31260: Fix results that have many columns, and long
      strings in results

    - RT#23900 RT#32864: Fix placeholder values containing "?", and
      non-placeholder "?" in queries (both comments and literals)

    - Disconnect from the database cleanly

    - Fix use of non-default path for Unix-domain sockets

    - Fix loss of protocol synchronisation when executing a query that
      yields a warning

    - Fix various bugs in `bind_param` (or at least the simple, non-typed
      versions of it) and in `execute` with arguments

    - Better support for PostgreSQL 8.1 and above

    - Improved test coverage

0.05  Sun May  9 11:55:35 UTC 2004
    - All known bugs fixed:
       * No "can't locate method" exceptions when your query has an
       * Permit executing a prepared handle more than once
       * Correctly handle empty strings in result rows
       * No infinite loop for long result rows
       * Permit more than eight columns in a result set
       * False Boolean values in results are false in your Perl code
         (not 'f').  This constitutes a change in behaviour, but one
         that's so obviously the right thing that I haven't created an
         option to give you the broken behaviour.
       * Demangle bytea data in results
       * Correctly quote placeholder values containing backslashes
       * Actually issue a BEGIN when a transaction starts, so that
         rollback can roll changes back
     - Unfortunately, the test suite has not yet been updated to
       trigger all these bugs.  Since it's nearly two years since the
       last release of DBD::PgPP, I thought it better to get these
       crucial bugfixes out the door soon; the test suite is my next
       priority for 0.06 and beyond.  So there may still be bugs in
       this code.  However, I've been using this version for a while
       now in a project for a customer, so I'm fairly confident that
       at least the bits I use are correct.
    - This release prepared by new co-maintainer Aaron Crane <>

0.04  Wed Jul 24 18:49:09 JST 2002
    - The problem which cannot use a BEGIN/ROLLBACK statement
      was repaired.
    - Add Pure-Perl MD5 Algorithm class. This is used only when
      there is no 'Digest::MD5' module.
      Please do not question closely about this source code ;-)
    - OS tested as use is possible is added.
       * Linux with perl5.005_03 built for ppc-linux
       * Solaris 2.6 with perl 5.6.1 built for sun4-solaris
       * Solaris 2.6 with perl 5.004_04 built for sun4-solaris
    - The version of Perl to demand was lowered to 5.004.
    - Add more tests.
    - Net::PostgreSQL was unified to DBD::PgPP.

0.03  Thu Jul 11 22:13:44 JST 2002
    - Fix can't select Null field problem.
    - Support of environment without "pack('Z*', $string)".
      The environment which operation has mistaken is included
      Ex. perl5.005_03 etc..
      (Thanks to Tatsuhiko Miyagawa <>)
    - The problem on which "Row Description Object" commits
      suicide is corrected.
      Old things, such as perl5.005_03, are influenced.
    - Added the DES-crypt() check.
      (Thanks to Dan Kogai <>)
    - Add more tests.

0.02  Tue Jul  9 21:54:37 JST 2002
    - 'md5' auth - MD5 encrypt Authentication support.
      requre Digest::MD5 module
    - Add script/ demo script.
    - UNIX Socket connection support.

0.01  Fri Jul 12 21:08:29 2002
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
            -X -n DBD::PgPP
    - 'password' auth - Crear-text password Authentication support.
    - 'crypt' auth - Crypt() encrypt Authentication support.
    - 'trust' auth - No authentication support.