Revision history for Makefile-Parallel

0.09    12-10-2015
        - Corrected POD issue

0.08    27-12-2010
        - added option to pmake to send an email when finishing each
          task (for PBS systems). Might be adapted later for sending
          only one e-mail when finishing the full makefile and/or in
          case of error.

0.07    30-10-2010
        - trying to guess what's going wrong with some CPAN Testers reports.

0.06    19-06-2008
        - fixed bug when a rule with one variable depends on rules with more
        than one variable.

0.05    16-06-2008
        - fixed bug when using more than one variable on a pmakefile.

0.04	14-06-2008
        - support multiple variables for parametric rules

0.03    27-12-2007
        - Changelog lost

0.02    02-09-2007/16:15
        - A bunch of new features, including constants, embedded Perl or Bash code
        on the Makefiles, bugfixes and probably new bugs too :-)

0.01    Date/time
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.