Jifty::DBI::Filter::SaltHash - salts and hashes a value before storing it


This filter will generate a random 4-byte salt, and then MD5 the given value with the salt appended to the value. It will store the hash and the salt in the database, and return a data structure that contains both on decode. The salt and hash are stored in hexadecimal in the database, so that you can put them in a text field.

This filter is intended for storing passwords in a database.


Generate a random 4-byte salt, MD5 the value with the salt (encoded to hexadecimal) appended to it, and store both in the database.


Return a random 4-byte salt value, encoded as an 8-character hex string.


Return an arrayref of (hash, salt), both as hex strings.

To test whether a provided value is the same one originally encoded, use

    $hash eq md5_hex($value . $salt);


Jifty::DBI::Filter, Digest::MD5