Jifty::DBI::Filter::DateTime - DateTime object wrapper around date columns


This filter allow you to work with DateTime objects instead of plain text dates. If the column type is "date", then the hour, minute, and second information is discarded when encoding.

Both input and output will always be coerced into UTC (or, in the case of Dates, the Floating timezone) for consistency.


This is an instance of the DateTime::Format object used for inflating the string in the database to a DateTime object. By default it is a DateTime::Format::Strptime object that uses the _strptime method as its pattern.

You can use the _formatter classdata storage as a cache so you don't need to re-instantiate your format object every decode.


If value is DateTime object then converts it into ISO format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss. Does nothing if value is not defined.

Sets the value to undef if the value is a string and doesn't match an ISO date (at least).


If value is defined then converts it into DateTime object otherwise do nothing.


Jifty::DBI::Filter, DateTime