Changes for version 0.28 - 2022-01-25

  • Deprecate experimental return of results in JSON "graph" format
  • Deprecate experimental query statistics flag return_stats
  • Add deprecation warning for experimental config option ca_file
  • Fix constructor fallback to default uri (issue #14)
  • Improve session creation performance


Explains features that have been deprecated, but not yet removed
Explains the design of the networking modules


Neo4j community graph database driver for Bolt and HTTP
HTTP agent adapter for libwww-perl
Container for Cypher result values
Result of running a Cypher statement (a stream of records)
Bolt result handler
JSON/REST result handler
Jolt result handler
Fallback handler for result errors
Details about the result of running a statement
Provides Neo4j server address and version
Context of work for database interactions
DEPRECATED (renamed to Neo4j::Driver::Result)
Statement statistics
Logical container for an atomic unit of work
Describes a node from a Neo4j graph
Directed sequence of relationships between two nodes
Represents a Neo4j spatial point value
Describes a relationship from a Neo4j graph
Represents a Neo4j temporal value


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in lib/Neo4j/Driver/Net/
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