Changes for version 0.15 - 2020-02-20

  • REMINDER: Neo4j::Driver 0.13 deprecated the old syntax to access nodes, relationships and paths. You need to use the new accessor methods introduced in 0.13, or else your code will fail with a future version of this software.
    • support for secure communication using TLS encryption
    • add stable support for the Bolt protocol
    • remove XS dependency to support Pure Perl environments (HTTP only)
    • improve performance of running queries over HTTP
    • improve robustness of URL parsing
    • deprecate experimental mutability of auth credentials after session creation



Perl implementation of the Neo4j Driver API
Container for Cypher result values
Structure definition of Cypher result values
Details about the result of running a statement
Context of work for database interactions
Result of running a Cypher statement (a stream of records)
Statement statistics
Logical container for an atomic unit of work
Adapter for Neo4j::Bolt
Adapter for the Neo4j Transactional HTTP API
Describes a node from a Neo4j graph
Directed sequence of relationships between two nodes
Represents a Neo4j spatial point value
Describes a relationship from a Neo4j graph
Represents a Neo4j temporal value