Revision history for Geo::LibProj::cs2cs

1.03  2021-03-04

 - Fix a bug that prevented certain older PROJ versions from
   parsing legacy proj-strings with multiple parameters
 - Add Alien::Proj4 to the PATH if Alien::proj is unavailable
 - Skip some tests on Win32 that weren't designed for it

1.02  2021-03-03

 - Add support for PROJ's C API through Geo::LibProj::FFI

1.01  2020-05-13

 - Fix broken tests

1.00  2020-05-13

 - Change package name to Geo::LibProj::cs2cs to better reflect
   the generic nature of this package
 - Use '%.15g' as default format for cs2cs stdin formatting
 - Release to CPAN

0.01  2020-05-12

 - Initial implementation of Geo::Proj5::cs2cs