Revision history for  Dist-Zilla-Plugin-AutoMetaResources

1.21   2015-05-07 23:08:40
    [gh#2] move off of Test::MockObject
        Provided by karenetheridge
    [gh#4] add bitbucket support
        Provided by xenoterracide
    [gh#5] convert all references to to
        Provided by karenetheridge
    [gh#6] change PWP::Encoding to PWP::SingleEncoding
        Provided by sergeyromanov

1.20   2013-04-14 02:54:47
        [rt#84593] Escaping braces in regex for 5.16 compliance.
        Reported and fixed by GARU.

1.110050    Wed Jan  5 20:48:23 2011
   is using HTTPS by default

0.01        Wed Nov  3 23:51:16 2010
            First version.