Changes for version 1.77_02 - 2020-05-19

  • (Abe Timmerman, 65 seconds ago) Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.77_02 (test)

Changes for version 1.77_01 - 2020-05-18

  • (Abe Timmerman, 21 hours ago) Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.77_01 (test)
  • (Abe Timmerman, 3 hours ago) Test::Smoke::LogMixin: no sprintf without arguments
  • The log_* routines use the sprintf() way of creating log-lines. When
  • there are no arguments, there is no need to use sprintf() and risk
  • warnings about missing arguments or invalid conversion for bare % signs.
  • (I ran into this with the output of `git clone`)
  • (Abe Timmerman, 2 hours ago) Test::Smoke::Syncer::Git: fix problem with the branchfile
  • The first line was read but not chomp()ed, so if one had (mistakenly)
  • put multiple lines in the file, the command line for the `git checkout`
  • would have been wrong and that branch would not have been checked out.
  • I hope that this also resolves part of RT#128950
  • (Abe Timmerman, 38 minutes ago) Prefer JSON::PP over JSON::XS
  • (Abe Timmerman, 35 minutes ago) Provide better flow and diagnostics for the Posters
  • Untangle the actual POST and json-decode in the `post`-method.
  • Also make the clients die from the `_post_data`-method if the request
  • didn't return a 2xx.
  • (Abe Timmerman, 37 minutes ago) Provide better diagnostics on failure with TEST_VERBOSE
  • This provides invalid TAP, but compile-errors are worse!


These are the Release Notes for 1.30
Configure a Makefile for the Windows port of perl
Patch the sourcetree
Check the buildconfigfile specified on the commandline
Create a configuration for
Send the smoke report by mail
Patch the sourcetree
Configure, build and test bleading edge perl
Send the smoke report by protocol
The perl Test::Smoke suite
Check the status of a running smoke
Cleanup and sync the perl-current source-tree
Test::Smoke frequently asked questions


The Perl core test smoke suite
Object that represents an Application Option.
A collection of AppOption objects.
The application.
Baseclass for Test::Smoke::App::* applications.
A collection of application configs and config options.
The application.
The application.
Implementation for
The application.
Synchronise the perl source tree from a source.
Archive the smoke files.
OO interface for handling build configurations
Implement a mirror like object
"Role" that adds logging methods to "traditional" objects.
Factory for objects to send the report.
baseclass for Mailers
Base class for objects (AUTOLOADed accessors)
OO interface to help patching the source-tree
OO interface to handle the stuff.
Factory for poster objects.
Base class for the posters to CoreSmokeDB.
Poster subclass using curl.
Poster subclass using HTTP::Lite.
Poster subclass using HTTP::Tiny.
Poster subclass using LWP::UserAgent.
OO interface for handling the testresults (mktest.out)
OO interface to do one smoke cycle.
Manipulate the perl source-tree
Factory for syncer objects.
Take out some of the functions of the smoke suite.
Run a command and return its output.
Functions to help find Helpers (modules/bins)
A JSON:PP/JSON::XS Factory Class
Serialise (stringify) values, a bit like Data::Dumper.
Utility function to switch off the error-popup for the current process.


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