Changes for version 1.70_11 - 2017-05-14

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_11 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_100004 - 2017-05-14

  • Handle 'development-releases' of Test::Harness in core Sometimes a "_nm" release of Test::Harness in blead, we need to deal with it. eval("$version") seems the easiest way.

Changes for version 1.70_100003 - 2017-05-13

  • Fix get_avail_w32compilers() by Steve Hay: Test-Smoke-1.42 fails to detect the ccversion for my MSVC++ installations, which all reside under "C:\Program Files\...". It tries to run a command like "$map{ $CC }->{ccbin}" --version 2>&1 but the 'ccbin' there comes from whereis() and is already double-quoted if it contains spaces, which causes an error like '""C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. The attached patch fixes this.

Changes for version 1.70_100002 - 2017-05-13

  • Merge branch 'rt/39138'

Changes for version 1.70_10 - 2017-05-13

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_10 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_090010 - 2017-05-13

  • Fix test syncer_rsync.t for Windows (Cygwin)rsync doesn't understand Windows-paths (C:\Some\Path) but it handles UNC-paths (//localhost/C$/Some/Path), so we fix the test. Left the actual code unchanged, as we normally rsync from a remote path.

Changes for version 1.70_090009 - 2017-05-13

  • Do not die() on using for non-Windows This helps the Pod::Coverage test lower_error_setting() now just returns on non-Windows

Changes for version 1.70_090008 - 2017-05-13

  • Cleanup Test::Smoke::Util::Win32ErrorMode and add a test for it.

Changes for version 1.70_090007 - 2017-05-13

  • Fix broken test for MSWin32 Implement 'cat' in perl, so it will work for all osses.

Changes for version 1.70_090006 - 2017-05-13

  • Add new MSWin32 log message in the test

Changes for version 1.70_090005 - 2017-05-13

  • Merge branch 'rt/39138' of ssh:// into rt/39138

Changes for version 1.70_090003 - 2017-05-12

  • Fix Test::Smoke::App::RunSmoke and test. 'is_win32' is not an attribute, but a config-item. use '$0' and not hard coded test name.

Changes for version 1.70_090002 - 2017-05-12

  • Fix poster-post.t on Windows. fork() and JSON::XS don't work together on Windows; For this test we enforce the use of JSON::PP as a backend for JSON.

Changes for version 1.70_090001 - 2017-05-12

  • Change the Win32-ErrorSettings for this process This is an old patch provided by Jan Dubois in RT-39138

Changes for version 1.70_09 - 2017-05-12

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_09 (same)

Changes for version 1.70_070006 - 2017-05-11

  • Try to resolve RT-120008 (sync with git) removed the `git pull` command and replaced with `git reset --hard origin/$branch` as advised by Yves.

Changes for version 1.70_070005 - 2017-05-11

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_08 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_070004 - 2017-05-11

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_09 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_070003 - 2017-05-11

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_08 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_070002 - 2017-05-11

  • Merge branch 'jkeenan-rt-121283-sendrpt-pl' into pr/

Changes for version 1.70_070001 - 2017-04-21

  • Fix compilation error. For:

Changes for version 1.70_07 - 2017-03-21

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_07 (same)

Changes for version 1.70_060004 - 2017-03-21

  • Merge branch 'System-Info'

Changes for version 1.70_060003 - 2017-03-21

  • Remove tests, they moved to System::Info also.

Changes for version 1.70_060002 - 2017-03-19

  • Fix cpuinfo test results (based on System::Info)

Changes for version 1.70_060001 - 2016-04-28

  • Replace Test::Smoke::SysInfo with System::Info

Changes for version 1.70_06 - 2017-03-06

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_06 (same)

Changes for version 1.70_050011 - 2017-03-06

  • Use annotated tags

Changes for version 1.70_050010 - 2017-03-06

  • Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Changes for version 1.70_050006 - 2017-03-06

  • Merge branch 'afresh1-master'

Changes for version 1.70_050005 - 2017-03-06

  • Merge branch 'master' of into afresh1-master

Changes for version 1.70_050004 - 2017-03-06

  • Merge pull request #27 from jkeenan/one-typo Correct one typo.

Changes for version 1.70_050002 - 2017-02-06

  • Merge branch 'jkeenan-one-typo'

Changes for version 1.70_050001 - 2017-02-05

  • Correct one typo.

Changes for version 1.70_05 - 2017-01-30

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_05

Changes for version 1.70_040002 - 2017-01-30

  • Merge branch 'dcollins/normalize_testname' of into dcollinsn-dcollins/normalize_testname

Changes for version 1.70_04 - 2017-01-30

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_04

Changes for version 1.70_030006 - 2017-01-30

  • Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

Changes for version 1.70_03 - 2017-01-30

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_03

Changes for version 1.70_020005 - 2017-01-29

  • Merge pull request #25 from jkeenan/correct-spelling Correct spelling errors.

Changes for version 1.70_020004 - 2016-10-26

  • RT #118488: Proper normalization for tests in cpan/, dist There is a function that is intended to transform from the "stripped" test name (without leading ../ or trailing .t) to a usable relative path. That function prepends '../t/' to tests, unless their name begins with ext/ or lib/, in which case it prepends only '../'. This patch adds cpan/ and dist/ to the list of special cases.

Changes for version 1.70_020003 - 2016-09-15

  • In Tumbleweed VERSION_ID is the most recent tag ANSI_COLOR => '0;32', BUG_REPORT_URL => '', CPE_NAME => 'cpe:/o:opensuse:tumbleweed:20160913', DISTRIB_CODENAME => '', DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION => 'openSUSE Tumbleweed', DISTRIB_ID => 'openSUSE Tumbleweed', DISTRIB_RELEASE => 20160901, HOME_URL => '', ID => 'opensuse', ID_LIKE => 'suse', LSB_VERSION => 'core-2.0-noarch:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-noarch:core-2.0-x86_64:core-3.2-x86_64:core-4.0-x86_64', NAME => 'openSUSE Tumbleweed', PRETTY_NAME => 'openSUSE Tumbleweed', VERSION_ID => 20160913, Welcome to openSUSE Tumbleweed 20160913 - Kernel \\r (\\l).

Changes for version 1.70_020002 - 2016-09-11

  • Without parens

Changes for version 1.70_020001 - 2016-09-11

  • Note DISTRIB_RELEASE in SysInfo (Also available in System::Info)

Changes for version 1.70_02 - 2016-05-22

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_02 (t)

Changes for version 1.70_010005 - 2016-05-22

  • Rework of Andy Grundman's patch to split rsync options Use shellwords($args) rather than split(" ", $args) to split the configured options to rsync(1) Thanks Andy!

Changes for version 1.70_010004 - 2016-05-18

  • Split rsync arguments that are combined into one string, such as the default '-az --delete'.

Changes for version 1.70_010003 - 2016-05-18

  • Revert previous change, breaks args where spaces are expected

Changes for version 1.70_010002 - 2016-05-18

  • Split arguments that might be combined into one string, such as the rsync default '-az --delete'.

Changes for version 1.70_010001 - 2016-05-08

  • Skip testing git that does not support "git init folder" There might be a higher bound than this, but at least git- does NOT support this syntax usage: git init [-q | --quiet] [--bare] [--template=<template-directory>] [--shared[=<permissions>]]

Changes for version 1.70_01 - 2016-05-04

  • Autocommit for distribution Test::Smoke 1.70_01 (test)

Changes for version 1.70_000003 - 2016-05-03

  • Resolve a backward incompatibilty In pre 1.70 Test::Smoke 'sync_type' was the way to specify what sync method to use. In 1.70 this became 'syncer', now switched back to 'sync_type'.

Changes for version 1.70_000002 - 2016-04-24

  • Spelling error

Changes for version 1.70_000001 - 2016-04-24

  • Add versions to all the new modules


These are the Release Notes for 1.30
Configure a Makefile for the Windows port of perl
Patch the sourcetree
Check the buildconfigfile specified on the commandline
Create a configuration for
Test::Smoke frequently asked questions
Send the smoke report by mail
Patch the sourcetree
Configure, build and test bleading edge perl
Send the smoke report by protocol
The perl Test::Smoke suite
Check the status of a running smoke
Cleanup and sync the perl-current source-tree


The Perl core test smoke suite
Object that represents an Application Option.
A collection of AppOption objects.
The application.
Baseclass for Test::Smoke::App::* applications.
A collection of application configs and config options.
The application.
The application.
Implementation for
The application.
Synchronise the perl source tree from a source.
Archive the smoke files.
OO interface for handling build configurations
Implement a mirror like object
Helper object for logging.
Factory for objects to send the report.
baseclass for Mailers
Base class for objects (AUTOLOADed accessors)
OO interface to help patching the source-tree
OO interface to handle the stuff.
Factory for poster objects.
Base class for the posters to CoreSmokeDB.
Poster subclass using curl.
Poster subclass using HTTP::Lite.
Poster subclass using HTTP::Tiny.
Poster subclass using LWP::UserAgent.
OO interface for handling the testresults (mktest.out)
OO interface to do one smoke cycle.
Manipulate the perl source-tree
Factory for syncer objects.
Take out some of the functions of the smoke suite.
Run a command and return its output.
Functions to help find Helpers (modules/bins)
Utility function to switch off the error-popup for the current process.
Like lib, but pushes the dirs at the end of @INC.


in lib/Test/Smoke/
in lib/Test/Smoke/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Mailer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/
in lib/Test/Smoke/Syncer/