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2.00_01 2017-09-06T22:35:57+02:00 (8aeb723 => abeltje)
 - (abeltje, 2 seconds ago) Autocommit for distribution
   Dancer2::Plugin::RPC 2.00_01 (test)

0.00 2017-04-18T21:45:07+02:00 (0206403 => abeltje)
 - (abeltje, 5 months ago) Initial commit => port of Dancer::Plugin::RPC

 - (abeltje, 5 months ago) Arrange for a clean dump of the dispatch-table.
 -     Dancer2 gives a warning for items logged that are CODE-refs, we know
 -     this data-structure contains them, so resolve by dumpering te
 -     ourself.

 - (abeltje, 3 months ago) Help the example application and my development
 -     carton (lock/snapshot) shouldn't be diffed
 -     ignore the carton stuff for version control

 - (abeltje, 3 months ago) Add 'Test::NoWarnings' to 'BUILD_REQUIRES'

 - (abeltje, 3 months ago) Update the example app.

 - (abeltje, 3 months ago) Objects returned by the codewrapper will be
 -     Blessed variables will be (recursively) flattend into a single
 -     data-structure.
 -     fix tests, amend tests, add tests

 - (abeltje, 2 months ago) Changes must be part of any distribution

 - (abeltje, 2 months ago) Keep the example in sync with

 - (abeltje, 4 weeks ago) More syncing between the two versions (Dancer1.3
   and Dancer2)

 - (abeltje, 4 weeks ago) More bookkeeping...

 - (abeltje, 3 weeks ago) Fix regex for argument validation

 - (abeltje, 4 hours ago) Documentation fixes, complete RESTRPC stuff

 - (abeltje, 2 hours ago) Introduce explicit endpoints for POD-publishing
 -     - The Dancer2::RPCPlugin::DispatchFromPod class has a new attribute
 -	 'endpoint', this will be used with the new optional item for
 -	 in the POD directive
 -	- Renamed the 'label' attribute to plugin (sync with the Dancer
 -	  version) in the Dancer2::RPCPlugin::DispatchFrom* classes
 -     - Had to rename the 'plugin' attribute to 'plugin_object' in those
 -	 classes

 - (abeltje, 2 hours ago) Fix agent-identifier in http-client.

 - (abeltje, 46 minutes ago) Use Params::ValidationCompiler rather than
 -     As of June 2017 the author recommends this change.

 - (abeltje, 37 minutes ago) Update MANIFEST/MANIFEST.SKIP

 - (abeltje, 3 minutes ago) Rename the Plugins back to the Dancer version