Dancer::Plugin::RPC::RESTISH - Simple plugin to implement a restish interface.


In the Controler-bit:

    use Dancer::Plugin::RPC::RESTISH;
    restish '/endpoint' => {
        publish           => 'pod',
        arguments         => ['MyProject::Admin'],
        cors_allow_origin => '*',

and in the Model-bit (MyProject::Admin):

    package MyProject::Admin;
    =for restish GET@ability/:id rpc_get_ability_details
    sub rpc_get_ability_details {
        my %args = @_; # contains: {"id": 42}
        return {
            # datastructure


RESTISH is an implementation of REST that lets you bind routes to code in the style the rest of Dancer::Plugin::RPC modules do.

This version only supports JSON as data serialisation.

restish '/base_path' => \%publisher_arguments

See Dancer::Plugin::RPC, Dancer::Plugin::RPC::JSONRPC, Dancer::Plugin::RPC::RESTRPC, Dancer::Plugin::RPC::XMLRPC for more information about the %publisher_arguments.

Implement the routes for REST

The plugin registers Dancer-any route-handlers for the base_path + method_path and the route-handler looks for a data-handler that matches the path and HTTP-method.

Method-paths can contain colon-prefixed parameters native to Dancer. These parameters will be merged with the content.

Method-paths are prefixed by a HTTP-method followed by @:

publisher => 'config'

plugins: 'RPC::RESTISH': '/rest': 'MyProject::Admin': 'GET@resources': 'get_all_resourses' 'POST@resource': 'create_resource' 'GET@resource/:id': 'get_resource' 'PATCH@resource/:id': 'update_resource' 'DELETE@resource/:id': 'delete_resource'

publisher => 'pod'
    =for restish GET@resources       get_all_resources /rest
    =for restish POST@resource       create_resource   /rest
    =for restish GET@resource/:id    get_resource      /rest
    =for restish PATCH@resource/:id  update_resource   /rest
    =for restish DELETE@resource/:id delete_resource   /rest

The third argument (the base_path) is optional.

CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

If one wants the service to be directly called from javascript in a browser, one has to consider CORS as browsers enforce that. This means that the actual request is preceded by what's called a preflight request that uses the HTTP-method OPTIONS with a number of header-fields.


The plugin supports considering these CORS requests, by special casing these OPTIONS request and always sending the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header as set in the config options.

cors_allow_origin => $list_of_urls | '*'

If left out, no attempt to honour a CORS OPTIONS request will be done.

When set to a value, the OPTIONS request will be executed, for any method in the Access-Control-Request-Method header. The responnse to the OPTIONS request will also contain every Access-Control-Allow-* header that was requested as Access-Control-Request-* header.

When set all responses, will contain the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header with that value.



Creates a (partial) dispatch table from data passed from the (YAML)-config file.


Creates a (partial) dispatch table from data provided in POD.


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


(c) MMXIX - Abe Timmerman <>