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Changes for version 1.07_02 - 2019-10-15

  • (Abe Timmerman, 3 seconds ago) Autocommit for distribution Dancer::Plugin::RPC 1.07_02 (test)

Changes for version 1.07_01 - 2019-08-08

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  • (Abe Timmerman, 2 weeks ago) .travis.yml: Remove unsupported perl versions
  • (Abe Timmerman, 5 minutes ago) Change the way ErrorResponse works
  • Other Dancer::Plugin::RPC modules should be able to change the HTTP
  • return status according to the error_code they have in the object.
  • One can register an error map between error_code and HTTP-status, for
  • each new plugin that wants to join the framework.


Configure endpoints for XMLRPC, JSONRPC and RESTRPC procedures
Dancer Plugin to register jsonrpc2 methods.
RESTRPC Plugin for Dancer
XMLRPC Plugin for Dancer
Factory for generating Callback-results.
Build dispatch-table from the Dancer Config
Build dispatch-table from POD
Small object to handle dispatch-table items
Class for maintaining a global methodlist.
Interface to pass error-responses without knowlage of the protocol
Simple routine to flatten (blessed) data
Register Dancer::Plugin::RPC plugin-names


in lib/Dancer/RPCPlugin/CallbackResult.pm
in lib/Dancer/RPCPlugin/CallbackResult.pm