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Changes for version 1.02_01 - 2017-03-25

  • Autocommit for distribution Dancer::Plugin::RPC 1.02_01 (test)

Changes for version 1.02_000001 - 2017-03-25

  • Add support for RESTRPC and an example app RESTRPC is a simple protocol that uses HTTP-POST to send a JSON string with Content-Type 'application/json'. The Examle application shows a way to put your app together. This application has simple internal methods and a method to communicate with the outside world.


Configure endpoints for XMLRPC and JSONRPC procedures
Dancer Plugin to register jsonrpc2 methods.
RESTRPC Plugin for Dancer
XMLRPC Plugin for Dancer
Factory for generating Callback-results.
Build dispatch-table from the Dancer Config
Build dispatch-table from POD
Small object to handle dispatch-table items
Class for maintaining a global methodlist.
Interface to pass error-responses without knowlage of the protocol


in lib/Dancer/RPCPlugin/CallbackResult.pm
in lib/Dancer/RPCPlugin/CallbackResult.pm