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# $Id: MANIFEST 123 2019-07-02 14:23:28Z abalama $

# General
Changes                                  Changes list
INSTALL                                  Installation instructions
LICENSE                                  License file
Makefile.PL                              Makefile builder
MANIFEST                                 This file
README                                   !!! README FIRST !!!
TODO                                     TO DO

# Programs
bin/mbutiny                              Helper script

# Libs
lib/App/MBUtiny.pm                       Kernel of module
lib/App/MBUtiny/ConfigSkel.pm            Configuration skeleton
lib/App/MBUtiny/Collector.pm             Collector base class
lib/App/MBUtiny/Collector/DBI.pm         Collector database interface
lib/App/MBUtiny/Collector/Server.pm      Collector Server
lib/App/MBUtiny/Collector/Client.pm      Collector Agent
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage.pm               Storage class
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage/Command.pm       Command storage subclass
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage/Local.pm         Local storage subclass
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage/FTP.pm           FTP storage subclass
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage/SFTP.pm          SFTP storage subclass
lib/App/MBUtiny/Storage/HTTP.pm          HTTP storage subclass
lib/App/MBUtiny/Util.pm                  Utility functions

# Tests
t/00-distribution.t                      Distribution test
t/00-fixme.t                             FIXME/TODO/BUG warnings
t/00-pod-coverage.t                      POD::Coverage testing
t/00-pod.t                               Checking all POD documents
t/00-trailingspace.t                     Style test: TrailingSpace
t/01-use.t                               Test script
t/02-storage.t                           Storage classes testing
t/03-collector-dbi.t                     Collector DBI
t/04-collector.t                         Collector (Local)
t/05-collector-client.t                  Collector client
t/06-storage-client.t                    Storage HTTP client

# Examples
eg/collector.cgi                         Sample of the collector run-script for Apache2
eg/server.cgi                            Sample of the server run-script for Apache2

# Shared files
share/manual_ru.pod                      Manual page: RU
META.yml                                 Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json                                Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)