Revision history for Perl extension Class::DBI::Plugin::FilterOnClick.
(Previously known as Class::DBI::Plugin::HTML)

    * Corrected issue with Makefile.PL format based on bug:


    * Corrected searchable feature with column name case issue (no longer case

    + Added ability to group columns into sub tables within a cell while maintaining
      ability to filter on value

    + Added new method, add_link, to allow for grouping of columns as mentioned above

    + Added configuration option, search_primary, to enable/disable search on
      primary column - must be set to true (1) to search primary column
    + Added configuration option, search_exclude, allows for a list of columns
      that should not be allowed to search on
    * Corrected error condition when run without a configuration file
    * Corrected issue with current page not properly being assigned in some cases
    + Added internal methods current_column and current_record to improve OO
    + Now passes the current record object as the fourth or third element in the
      list of arguments for anonymous subs and FilterOnClickCustom feature

    + Added FilterOnClickCustom columns feature. Allows you to add additional
      columns that don't appear in the base table.  See documentation
    - Removed _value_link and replaced with add_link for internal use to create
    + Added column_css_class method to allow assigning a different class to a
      particular column
    + Added ability to remove filter on items selected from string_navigation
      or search directly from the table rather then the string_navigation output
      or "resetting" the table. NULL (empty) columns still require a reset to
      remove the filter.
    * Refactored link creation

    * Reworked module packaging to bring it inline with *modern* Perl modules
    * Removed several possible warnings when run with warnings enabled
    * Corrected issue with debug method not updating the current debug level
      outside of the configuration file.

    + Switched over to Class::DBI::Plugin::Pager (suggested by Emanuele Zeppieri)
    + Revised documentation on several items as well as grammar and spelling
      mistake corrections

    * Offical name change to FilterOnClick vs. HTML
    * Method to create new object is now filteronclick vs. html. html has been
      left and forwards requests to filteronclick, but html will be removed
      in future releases
    * Changed the config module to Config::Magic to allow for more configuration
      file types without modifying the underlying method.  This may result in
      some issues based on how it sees a file. For example ini file entries that
      end with = and value cause the Config::Magic reader to stop and present
      only data read up to the = size.  To prevent premature termination comment
      out any ini file line that ends with =
    - Removed the build_form functionality, with the availability of
      Class::DBI::FormBuilder this modules functionality became too trivial
    o Module now focuses solely on the creation of HTML tables allowing for
      data browsing using the FilterOnClick technology.
    + Added colorize method to allow for hightlighting of values matching
      a regex in a particular column
    + Added the dependency of HTML::Strip to assist with the above addition
    + Added "field_to_column" to allow for setting both display column
      (database fields) and the table column header names to use.
    + Added the dependency of Tie::Hash::Indexed for the above feature
    o Modified documentation to take into account changes to the name and
      improvements in the table generation process
    + Streamlined the creation of new object by automatically calling several
      of the required methods.  To utilize this change the -params argument
      to filteronclick (formerly 'html') must be set.
    + Added ability to send params in at time of object creation
    o Modified create_order_by_links to populate an internal value and return
      an array of the links in the order of the display columns
      (or field_to_column depending on usage of the module)
    o Renamed column_to_label to field_to_column to better reflect its intent
    + Added the ability to include additional custom columns containing results
      from other tables or resources. Additional items currently work off the
      primary ID of the base class table. See documentation for details

    + Default alignment of search fields to top

    o Modified paging to not show last - first  when result set is less then or
      equal the number of rows showing in the rendered table.
    + Added new method extend_query_string to allow for adding items to existing
      query string (filters) when needed for special/pre-defined navigation
    o Modified test script to die work approriately even if DBD::SQLite2 isn't

    + Added color on mouseover for result rows
    + Added methods to define the following builtin FilterOnClick methods:

    + Added variances to the built in FilterOnClick items.
      One for numerical variance and one for percentage
    o Modified the table for full (optional) support of style sheet
      or bgcolor defined colors for rows.
    + Added orderby creation method, this method is likely
      to change in future versions so use with caution
    + Added ability to make columns searchable
    + Added filter class option
    o Modified order by detection
    o Modified to allow users to pass in an existing where array ref
    o Modified warnings to be output only when debug is enabled
    + Added code to allow for searching for NULL and NOT NULL rows
    + Added ability to set most options via a configuration file
    o Extensive documentation changes
    + Increased automation of process
    o Realigned names of method and arguments for better consistency
    o Enchanced testing suite
    + Moved error handling to a method and allow for warn or print level
      debugging based on the debug level.  Currently 1 or 2, with 1 = STDERR
      and 2 = STDOUT

    - Correctly check for passed in column names in build_table
      as an array ref
    ! Completely changed the interface.  Create your own object
      that is a Class::DBI::Plugin::HTML object.  This provides
      for setting of parameters in a safer OO way as well as
      via arguments for each method.
    + Added alternate row background color, default is grey
    + Added accessor methods to set various attributes used
      across several methods.  Not all items have an accessor.
    ! Renamed attributes that are passed to methods to match
      the accessor methods that have been added.
    + Modified (most of) the documentation to reflect the changes
      outlined above.
    + Added dependency on Class::DBI::Plugin::AbstractCount to
      speed up the string_filter_navigation method
    + Added additional notes in pod to clarify a couple of
    + Added link to example web page:

    o Implemented Class::DBI::Plugin as the base class instead
      of Exporting the methods
    + named arguement for url query string to be:
      -query_string across all methods
    + changed to -page_name from -script across all methods to
      indicate which page (cgi script) is to be used in url
    + added -form_tag_attributes to build_form methods allowed
    + added -hidden attributes to the build_form methods allowed
    o expanded the internal function '_value_link' to handle the
    + added new method 'string_filter_navigation'
    + html_table_navigation now has three possible outputs
       1) block (prev,next)
       2) google (1,2,3..)
       3) both block and google

    + added new method form_select to generate HTML select form
    + updated documentation to reflect additional methods and
      method changes
    o Modified the build_table method to allow for multiple
      scenarios regarding table records, giving more control
      back to the end user with regard to return method.
    + Added new collasping/expanding table code. This modification 
      allows for the dynamic navigation of records via a browser
      based the content of specific fields.  See docs for more info
    o Cleaned up some of code for better order of operation and
      to (reduce|increase) confusion.
    o Corrected some documenation errors and added additional
      information to clarify some of the points.

    - Removed url_and_where_statement method and created url_query
      and search_ref in its place
    + Added url_query method - creates the query string of the URL
      based on passed in parameters
    + Added search_ref method - creates generates the hash for the
      AbstractSearch portion
    + Made the ONLY and LIKE filters built in tools and accesible
      via assigning a value of "only" or "like" to a field name
    + Added a parameter to the  build_table, called 'script', used
      to set the script name for links created by the built in link
    + Added "FilterOnClick" title for dynamic filter process
    + Added SEE ALSO section to documentation
    - Initial release