Dancer2 plugin for for SPID authentication

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This Perl module is a plugin for the well-known Dancer2 web framework. It allows developers of SPID Service Providers to easily add SPID authentication to their Dancer2 applications. SPID is the Italian digital identity system, which enables citizens to access all public services with single set of credentials.

This module provides the highest level of abstraction and ease of use for integration of SPID in a Dancer2 web application. Just set a few configuration options and you'll be able to generate the HTML markup for the SPID button on the fly (to be completed) in order to place it wherever you want in your templates. This plugin will automatically generate all the routes for SAML bindings, so you don't need to perform any plumbing manually. Hooks are provided for customizing behavior.

See the example/ directory for a demo application.

This is module is based on Net::SPID which provides the lower-level framework-independent implementation of SPID for Perl.

Repository layout

Prerequisites & installation

This module is compatible with Perl 5.10+. Just install it with cpanm and all dependencies will be retrieved automatically:

cpanm Dancer2::Plugin::SPID

Or, if you want the latest version from git, use:



See the POD documentation in Dancer2::Plugin::SPID or see it on MetaCPAN.

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