use - Import several modules with a single use statement


    # Use several modules in command line:
    % perl -Muse=CGI,DBI,PPI -e '...'

    # Import several modules at once
    use use qw[ strict warnings methods invoker ];

    # Pass options as array refs
    use use 'strict', 'warnings', 'HTTP::Status' => [':constants'];

    # Pass required versions after module names
    use use '5.12.0', 'HTTP::Status' => '6.00' => [':constants'];

    # ...or in your own module, importing on behalf of its caller:
    package MY::Macro;
    sub import {
        use use;
        local @_ = qw[ Module1 Module2 ];
        goto &use::use;


This module lets you import several modules at once.

This is almost the same as modules, except that caller is properly set up so syntax-altering modules based on Devel::Declare, Filter::Simple or Module::Compile work correctly.

If a Perl version number larger than 5.9.3 appears as the first argument, then it's automatically expanded just like a regular use VERSION statement. For example, use use '5.12.0' expands to use strict; use feature ':5.12'.


Thanks to ingy∵net for refactoring most of this module into the perl5 module, and making this module a simple subclass of it.


perl5, modules


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