run - Script to submit job to PBS (Portable Batch System) as easy as possible


  run "command line"
  run [-h | -m | -v | -l | -e]
    -h  help
    -m  print the manual
    -v  print the version number
    -l  list the current config
    -e  edit the config


run is a small script applying PBS::Client. It aims at making job submission to PBS quick and easy. It reads queueing options from the config file .runrc in the home directory, generate job script and then submit to PBS.

Current config can be listed by the -l option. The -e option is used to create or edit the config, using the editor specified by the EDITOR or VISUAL environment variables.

To submit a command (say ./a.out), simply add run before it, e.g. run ./a.out. Arguments (say arg) of a.out can also be added behind, e.g. run ./a.out arg.

After submission, a job script will be generated. The default name is the command appended by ".sh". After the job is finished, two more files -- output and error file will be generated. They have names "[job name].o[job ID]" and "[job name].e[job ID]" respectively.


Queueing options are declaring in .runrc in the home directory. It has .ini-style format, i.e.

    Parameter_1 = Value_1
    Parameter_2 = Value_2

Spaces beside = are optional. Also, lines beginning with "#" and blank lines are ignored. For example:

    # This is a sample config file for the "run" utility
        server = server01
    queue  = queue01
    name   = sample
    nodes  = ['node01', 'node02']
    ppn    = 2
    cput   = 01:00:00
    mem    = 600mb

To list the current configuration, use the -l option. To create or edit the config file, use the -e option. The default editor is vi. To use other editor, please modify the environment variable EDITOR or VISUAL.

For a sample config file, please see bin/runrc in the module directory.


(1) Execute ./a.out
    run "./a.out"
(2) Execute ./a.out -a arg1 -b arg2 arg3
    run "./a.out -a arg1 -b arg2 arg3"
(3) Execute ./a.out > /tmp/a.dat
    run "./a.out > /tmp/a.dat"




Not known yet. Please email to for bug report or suggestions.


Ka-Wai Mak <>


Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Ka-Wai Mak. All rights reserved.


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.