plenigo::CustomersManager - A utility class to handle customers.


 use plenigo::CustomersManager;

 # Prepare configuration

 my $use_stage = 0; # set if stage system should be used
 my $configuration = plenigo::Configuration->new(access_token => 'ACCESS_TOKEN', use_stage => $use_stage);

 # Instantiate customers manager

 my $customers_manager = plenigo::CustomersManager->new(configuration => $configuration);

 # Register a new external customer

 my %customer_details = $customers_manager->registerCustomer('', 'DE', '123456789', 'MR', 'Mike', 'Miller');

 # Change email address of an exiting customer

 $customers_manager->editCustomer('CUSTOMER_ID', '')


 plenigo::CustomersManager provides functionality to manage customers.

registerCustomer($email, $language, $customer_id, $salutation, $first_name, $last_name)

Register a new customer in the plenigo system.

editCustomer($customer_id, $email)

Edit a customer in the plenigo system.