plenigo::AccessRightsManager - A utility class to get/add/remove access rights from/to a customer. 


 use plenigo::AccessRightsManager;

 # Prepare configuration

 my $use_stage = 0; # set if stage system should be used
 my $configuration = plenigo::Configuration->new(access_token => 'ACCESS_TOKEN', use_stage => $use_stage);

 # Instantiate access rights manager

 my $access_rights = plenigo::AccessRightsManager->new(configuration => $configuration);

 # Checking access rights from a customer

 my %access_rights = $access_rights->hasAccess($plenigo_customer_id, ['ACCESS_RIGHT_ID']); 
 if ($access_rights{'accessGranted'}) {
     # customer has the right to access 
 else {
     # customer is not allowed to access

 # Adding access rights to a customer

 $access_rights->addAccess($plenigo_customer_id, (details => [{productId => 'ACCESS_RIGHT_ID'}]));

 # Removing access rights from a customer

 $access_rights->removeAccess($plenigo_customer_id, ['ACCESS_RIGHT_ID']);


 plenigo::AccessRightsManager provides functionality to manage access rights of a customer.


hasAccess($customer_id, @product_ids)

 Test if a customer has access rights.

addAccess($customer_id, %access_request)

 Add access rights to a customer.

removeAccess($customer_id, $access_right_unique_id)

 Remove access right from a customer.