Base - A module that provides basic methods for the creation of perfSONAR XML fragments.


The purpose of this module simplify the creation of valid XML for the various perfSONAR_PS services.


createEndPointL4( $doc, $ns, $hash, $role, $protocol )

Creates the following LibXML fragment:

  <nmwgt:endPoint role="src" protocol="icmp">

Where $doc is the libXML document class, $ns is a hash of namespace references, $role is either 'src' or 'dst' and protocol is 'icmp' or 'tcp' or 'udp'. The $hash input is a assoc. hash of key, value pairs that will be inserted as children of the 'interface' element as tagname textContent() pairs.

createSubjectL4( $doc, $ns, $baseNS, $protocol, $source, $dest, $sourceIP, $destIP )

Creates the subject XML fragment as follows:

    <pinger:subject id="" 
        <nmtl4:endPoint role="src" protocol="icpm">
          <nmtl3:interface id="#d1">
        <nmtl4:endPoint role="dst" protocol="icpm">
          <nmtl3:interface id="#a1">

createSubjectL3( $doc, $ns, $baseNS, $protocol, $source, $dest )

Creates the subject XML fragment as follows: