perfSONAR_PS::Client::Topology::MA - A module that provides methods for interacting with Topology MA servers.


This modules allows one to interact with the Topology MA via its Web Services interface. The API provided is identical to the API for interacting with the topology database directly. Thus, a client written to read from or update a Topology MA can be easily modified to interact directly with its underlying database allowing more efficient interactions if required.

The module is to be treated as an object, where each instance of the object represents a connection to a single database. Each method may then be invoked on the object for the specific database.




The API for perfSONAR_PS::Client::Topology::MA is rather simple and greatly resembles the messages types received by the server. It is also identical to the perfSONAR_PS::Client::Topology::SQL API allowing easy construction of programs that can interface via the MA server or directly with the database.

new($package, $uri_string)

    The new function takes a URI connection string as its first argument. This
    specifies which MA to interact with.


    The open function could be used to open a persistent connection to the MA.
    However, currently, it is simply a stub function.


    The close function could close a persistent connection to the MA. However,
    currently, it is simply a stub function.

setURIString($self, $uri_string)

    The setURIString function changes the MA that the instance uses.


    This function is a stub function that always returns 1.


    The getURIString function returns the current URI string


    The getAll function gets the full contents of the MA. It returns the results as
    a ref to a LibXML element pointing to the <nmtopo:topology> structure
    containing the contents of the MA's database. 

xQuery($self, $xquery)

    The xQuery function performs an xquery on the specified MA. It returns the
    results as a string.

    =head1 SEE ALSO

    L<perfSONAR_PS::Client::Topology::XMLDB>, L<Log::Log4perl>

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    Aaron Brown,

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