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more - use more of a resource


version 0.203


  use more 'variables';


As of perl5 version 10, the long-useless pragma less became a usable tool for indicating that less something could be used. For example, the user could specify that less memory should be used, and other libraries could then choose between multiple algorithms based on that choice.

In the user's program:

  use less 'memory';

  my $result = Analyzer->analyze( $large_data_set );

In the library:

  sub analyze {
    my ($self, $data) = @_;

    my $cache  = less->of('memory') ? 'disk' : 'ram';
    my $method = "analyze_with_${cache}_cache";

    return $self->$method($data);

This allowed for an explosion of highly adaptive implementions, accounting for a complex matrix of "less" interactions. Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for requesting that more of something be used, to help do our part as good consumers. The often-heard advice to simply write no less 'spending' is insufficient. That only means we should maintain our current levels. We want to request an increase.

This library corrects this deficiency by allowing the user to write:

  use more 'spending';


Ricardo SIGNES <rjbs@cpan.org>


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