https_this - Export the current directory over HTTPS


This document describes version 0.001 of https_this (from Perl distribution App-HTTPSThis), released on 2017-10-11.


 ## Export the current directory with HTTPS
 $ https_this

 ## Export the dir_name directory with HTTPS, specify SSL certificate and key
 $ https_this dir_name --ssl-cert server.crt --ssl-key server.key

 ## Start the server on a specific port
 $ https_this --port 9443

 ## Announces the HTTPS server via Bonjour with the specified name
 $ https_this --name "My cool webserver"

 ## Show documentation about our options
 $ https_this --help

 ## Show the entire man page
 $ https_this --man


Like http_this but uses HTTPS instead of HTTP. Will create a self-signed SSL certificate if SSL certificate/key is not specified.

TODO: Merge with App::HTTPThis.


The script accepts a single optional argument: the path of the directory to export.


The following options are available:

--port PORT

Start the HTTPS server on a specific PORT. Default is 8443.

--name NAME

Announces the server over Bonjour.

This feature requires the Net::Rendezvous::Publish module and the appropriate backend for your operating system, both available from CPAN. If one of them cannot be found, a warning message will be displayed.

--ssl-cert PATH

Specify SSL certificate file.

--ssl-key PATH

Specify SSL key file.


Print information about the script usage and its options.


Print the entire man page for the command.


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