XML::XPath::Node - internal representation of a node


The Node API aims to emulate DOM to some extent, however the API isn't quite compatible with DOM. This is to ease transition from XML::DOM programming to XML::XPath. Compatibility with DOM may arise once XML::DOM gets namespace support.


Creates a new node. See the sub-classes for parameters to pass to new().


Returns one of ELEMENT_NODE, TEXT_NODE, COMMENT_NODE, ATTRIBUTE_NODE, PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE or NAMESPACE_NODE. UNKNOWN_NODE is returned if the sub-class doesn't implement getNodeType - but that means something is broken! The constants are exported by default from XML::XPath::Node. The constants have the same numeric value as the XML::DOM versions.


Returns the parent of this node, or undef if this is the root node. Note that the root node is the root node in terms of XPath - not the root element node.

to_sax ( $handler | %handlers )

Generates sax calls to the handler or handlers. See the PerlSAX docs for details (not yet implemented correctly).


See the sub-classes for the meaning of the rest of the API: