XML::Parser::ClinicalTrials::Study - XML parser/representation for data


    use File::Slurper 'read_text';
    use XML::Parser::ClinicalTrials::Study;

    # XML file downloaded from
    my $xml   = read_text( 'NCT00003095.xml' );
    my $study = XML::Parser::ClinicalTrials::Study->new( xml => $xml );


The web site publishes information about pharmaceutical clinical trials. This module parses the XML files available for those trials into Moose objects with data accessors. For more details about the contents of these files, see the glossary of site terms at


Study instances have several accessors, both simple value accessors and object accessors.

Value Accessors

These accessors provide simple values. When a value is not present in the XML file, this accessor will return the empty string.

  • nct_number

  • sponsor

  • condition

  • study_design

  • description

  • recruitment_status

  • source

  • summary

  • type

  • brief_title

  • official_title

  • phase

  • start_date

  • last_changed

  • first_received

  • completion_date

  • estimated_completion_date

  • primary_completion_date

  • actual_enrollment

  • estimated_enrollment

  • normalized_phase

Object Accessors

These accessors provide array references of other Moose objects with their own accessors. Where a value is not present in the source XML file, the returned array reference will be empty.


These modules don't represent all of the data found in XML files. Patches welcome.


chromatic <>, sponsored by Golden Guru (


XML::Rabbit, WebService::ClinicalTrialsdotGov


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License, version 2.