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XML::Essex::Constants - Export a few constants used within Essex


    use XML::Essex::Constants;


This is really for internal use only and is not needed by outside callers. Subclasses of XML::Filter::Handler may also need this.

Hacker's note: see the source for some minor magic used in debugging and testing.


Returns 1 if $ENV{ESSEXDEBUG}, for now.


BOD is an event sent before the first event (a set_document_locator or start_document) in a document. It is used to sync up the slave thread. Right now, this means that any events before the first set_document_locator or start_document are lost.


EOD is sent after the end_document to flag the fact that there are no more events coming. This is not necessary, as the child could trigger off the end_document, but it is convenient because the child does not need to maintain any EndDocumentSeen state. It also opens up the door for a "reset" method on the parent to force the child's main() to exit, if we ever need that.


SEPPUKU is sent if the parent is DESTROYed so the child thread may follow it in to oblivion, with honor.


Returns 1 if Essex should use threads.


Does not pay attention to the parameter list passed with use(). This is speedy and light, but not kind. It's for internal use only, however, and this should be sufficient.


    Copyright 2002, R. Barrie Slaymaker, Jr., All Rights Reserved


You may use this module under the terms of the BSD, Artistic, oir GPL licenses, any version.


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