Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Pod - A Pod to HTML formatter for Wiki::Toolkit.


A Pod to HTML formatter backend for Wiki::Toolkit.


  my $store     = Wiki::Toolkit::Store::SQLite->new( ... );
  my $formatter = Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Pod->new;
  my $wiki      = Wiki::Toolkit->new( store     => $store,
                                     formatter => $formatter );

Go look at Wiki::Toolkit to find out more. This module is distributed separately solely for convenience of testing and maintenance; it's probably not too useful on its own.


  my $formatter = Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Pod->new(
                       node_prefix           => 'wiki.cgi?node=',
                       usemod_extended_links => 0,

node_prefix is optional and defaults to the value shown above.

If usemod_extended_links is supplied and true, then UseModWiki-style extended links [[like this]] will be supported - ie

  [[foo bar]]

will be translated into a link to the node named "Foo Bar". (Node names are forced to ucfirst, ie first letter of each word is capitalised.)

Note: You must have Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::UseMod installed if you wish to use the usemod_extended_links parameter.

  my $html = $formatter->format( $content );

Uses Pod::Tree::HTML to translate the pod supplied in $content into HTML. Links will be treated as links to other wiki pages.


Wiki::Toolkit, Pod::Tree::HTML.


Kake Pugh (, idea stolen from Matt Sergeant. Many thanks to Steven W McDougall for extending the capabilities of Pod::Tree::HTML so I could make this work.


     Copyright (C) 2003 Kake Pugh.  All Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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